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As you know, I sometimes like to do a tag. It helps me put more personality in this blog. You know my photography and travels and how I choose to experience them. But you don’t really know much more. That’s why I do these. Enjoy!

1. How Tall Are You?

I’m 1 meter and 87 centimeters. 6,1 foot for the American readers. It’s never been an issue, though. I remember being frustrated to be the smallest (and youngest) one at home. I could never reach the cookies without using a chair. Now I’m usually the tallest in a group… the person who reaches for others’ cookies.

2. Do You Have A Hidden Talent? If So, What?

I don’t hide anything, so it’s hard to have a hidden talent. For example, filling the tank of my car for an exact amount. Does that count as a talent? It’s not very useful. It is fun to show your friends, though.

3. What’s Your Biggest Blog-Related Pet Peeve?

Content that is unnecessarily long.

Of course, as a writer, you have to be sure your point comes across right. But often enough, I read blog posts that meander to all places before coming to the point. Urgh.

4. What’s Your Biggest Non-Blog Related Pet Peeve?

A lot of them are mostly related to inefficiency, like stepping on the bus before everyone left. Just have patience! Same for people that want to board an airplane first. You’re not leaving without me, so why are you putting so much effort into boarding before I do?

5. What’s Your Favourite Song?

This changes so often! All-time, I think it might be Midnight City by M83.

6. What’s Your Favourite Social Media Website?

I doubt between Instagram and Twitter. They’re both fast and a bit temporary. But they are totally different in the content part. Twitter is where I throw all my ideas and puns. But, at the same time, Instagram is where I love to post my photos and be a little more serious.

7. What’s Your Favourite Way To Spend Your Free Time?

Blogging, photographing, and reading. Kinda boring, no?

8. What’s Your Favourite Junk Food?

What isn’t? I might go for hamburgers as my final answer, especially because you can get them in many forms. Burgers with bacon, burgers with salmon, vegetarian burgers, burgers with pickles, sloppy burgers, just meat, bun burgers, burgers with a lot of onion, burgers from a tricky food stand, gourmet burgers, …

9. Do You Have A Pet Or Pets? If So, What Kind And What Are Their Names?

I don’t have any. And if I did have one, I wouldn’t tell you the name. What? You think I’m giving you the answer to my security questions? 😉

10. What’s Your Favourite Fiction And Non-Fiction Books?

Fiction is the Silo trilogies. Non-fiction might be Authentic Portraits by Chris Orwig.

11. What Your Favourite Beauty Product Or Tool?

Oh, I remember; I picked this off a beauty blog. Great thinking, Fred! My favorite beauty tool is the shower. It really helps me have a presentable look—some of the time.

12. When Were You Last Embarrassed? What Happened?

I have given up on being embarrassed. I do and say dumb things all the time, so I got used to it. The last time I really was embarrassed was when I accidentally made national news with a friend (he got most of the heat).

It was about a misinterpreted tweet and him being arrested by a SWAT team. In the end, everyone was okay, and I never even got in trouble. But my name appeared in all the newspapers and on the news, which I found awkward.

13. If You Could Only Drink One Beverage (Besides Water) For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

I would go for coffee, but then I would get severely dehydrated. So I think choosing juice would be a better and more responsible idea.

14. What’s Your Favourite Movie?

Another tough question. I think the original Star Wars trilogy is something I can always watch.

15. What Was Your Favourite Class In School And Why?

Photography, hands down. We had this in sessions of 4 hours so you could actually get things done. I learned all about digital and analog photography, composition, history, and how to develop my own negatives and photos.

Also, just going out and taking photos. Most of the memories I have from school are situated in that classroom and darkroom.

16. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Live?

I think I might actually stay in Antwerp. I love that city. It’s big enough to stay interesting, new buildings and concepts keep coming, it’s near Brussel, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. I can easily explore the world from this haven, and I can enjoy a city with more than 150 nationalities.

17. PC Or Mac?

Mac, because of my (living) history as a photographer and musician. Mac was always easier for the software I use: Logic Pro and Lightroom.

18. Last Romantic Gesture From A Crush, Date, Boy/Girlfriend, Spouse? (Or Kind Gesture From A Friend)

I have to count the daily cooking my ex-girlfriend did. You can actually taste the love in the food!

19. Favourite Celebrity?

David Attenborough, without a doubt. His work in nature documentaries is unequaled. Planet Earth, both seasons, are my favorite shows. I can keep rewatching the sloth swimming through the water or the bison tackling the other one.


20. What Blogger Do You Secretly Want To Be Best Friends With?

I’m actually terrible at names, so I keep most of the blogs I follow in Feedly. But one of my favorite bloggers is He makes amazing travel blogs and is always on the move. Something I find truly inspiring.

21. Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

A collective of people. The people I call my friends and many people online: other bloggers and people I follow on social media.

22. What Is Your Favourite Blog To Read?

This might be quite weird… but I like, a scientific website.

23. What Is Your Favourite High Street Shop?

Oh, H&M? I really should find tags on non-beauty and fashion-related blogs.

24. Are You In Education Or Do You Work?

I work as a professional photographer for businesses. This means portraits, events, and photos for websites.

25. One Thing You Are Proud Of.

Finishing this tag. It really did a long time writing all these answers. Why is it so hard?

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