Doing street photography in Brussels with my Huawei P40pro+

Brouckère as photography spot in Brussels

Having a new toy to play with is always a lot of fun. Especially if that toy is the new Huawei P40pro+. A smartphone I will write a lot about in the coming days. However, for this blog post, I want to focus on street photography in Brussels I did with it.

To start, I want to say that I don’t really like photographing people in public. So my street photography often really is just about the street and the buildings. Street photography is a broad term used in different types of photography.

We are all very familiar with the people aspect of it. It’s just not really my thing. I’m too shy to photograph people (that are not at a business event).

So anyway, let’s dive into the photos I made with the Huawei P40pro+ on my walks through Brussels.

A walk with Bouchta and David

David and Bouchta are both friends of mine that use the Huawei P40pro+ as well. On top of that, they have been living in Brussels their entire lives. Making them the perfect guide to the city, I recently started calling my hometown.

I did a long walk with them, going through the many districts the city has to offer and talking in French so that I could practise it.

My evening walks alone

For me, it has something meditative to go on a walk by myself. It makes me zen. And okay, I admit. Pokemon Go has a big say in me going on walks as often as possible.

That being said, a city looks so different when the sun is starting to go to bed. The light coming in at a low angle. Backlighting buildings, creating very local lighting between buildings, and of course, covering everything with golden light.

Doing photography in Brussels is so much fun for that reason. It’s a reasonably big city, with a lot to see. And because of the lighting changes, even the same place can look so different every time you pass it.

Place de la Brouckère as photography subject

I live close by to this town square in the center of Brussels. Kind of a flex. 

For me, it’s an excellent place to do photography. The commercial never changes and there aren’t too many elements on the square itself. But yet, its such a versatile and exciting photography spot in Brussels.

It’s probably something with the old building and modern skyscrapers in the background. Or with the two streets making an almost comically exaggerated perspective. Maybe it’s the contemporary sign on the old building.

Evening walks with my girlfriend

She works a lot these days. Because of COVID, there is a lot of work to do at her job in the restaurant. So evenings together are relatively limited. Going on a walk together is a nice activity to do, though.

By the way, go and say hi to her at Frites Atelier in Brussels. 😉

On one of our walks, we went to the Palais de la Justice. Another evening with that beautiful golden light shining on the streets of Brussels.

The Huawei P40pro+ as a camera

I love the device. The zoom features in pro mode are amazing. 3x and 10x zoom with an excellent raw file as a result. Yes, please!

For those that like to have a better grip on what those 3x and 10x zoom mean:

  • The 10x zoom is the equivalent of a 240mm lens on a full-frame camera.
  • The 3xzoom is the equivalent of an 80mm lens on a full-frame camera.
  • The 1x zoom is the equivalent of a 27mm lens on a full-frame camera.
  • The 0,6 (or wide) zoom is the equivalent of an 18mm lens on a full-frame camera.

As a professional photographer, this means this little device has my entire lens range combined. Imagine having my full backpack in your pocket!

What do you want to read about the Huawei P40pro+ next? Let me know in the comments!

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