The 20 most popular landscape photography hashtags for Instagram

Landscape photography on Instagram is one of the most beautiful niches of photography. The photographers often talk about the struggle to get on that specific location in their caption. If you want to be like them, using the right hashtags is important. So here is a list with the 20 most popular landscape photography hashtags.

20 hashtags for landscape photography


How to use hashtags on Instagram

The best thing to do is not copy and paste this entire list. Change up the hashtags you use and mix them with other hashtags. Like the ones related to the camera you use. Or maybe the type of landscape you have in front of you: Woods, mountains, lakes, seascapes, … .

Use #Fredography on your Instagram photos too. I have a weekly segment in my Instagram stories where I highlight my favorite photos. By using #Fredography you have a chance to get featured too!

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