The best hashtags for your travel photography on Instagram

Travel photos are one of the most popular niches on Instagram. For that reason, it is important to use the right hashtags for your beautiful photos. In this article, I list the 20 most popular travel hashtags for Instagram. Check it out!

The 20 most popular travel hashtags on Instagram

  • #travel
  • #vacation
  • #travelgram
  • #wanderlust
  • #instatravel
  • #adventure
  • #traveltheworld
  • #travelphotography
  • #traveling
  • #travelling
  • #travelblogger
  • #traveler
  • #tourism
  • #tourist
  • #traveller
  • #traveladdict
  • #igtravel
  • #travelingram
  • #neverstopexploring
  • #mytravelgram

How to use these travel-related hashtags

The best way to use hashtags is by combining different sets. For example, use these hashtags for traveling in a combination with the hashtags specific for your destination. Like #Barcelona for example.

Maybe you can include more detailed travel niches too. Like road tripping, or slow traveling.

Use #Fredography on your Instagram photos too. I have a weekly segment in my Instagram stories where I highlight my favorite photos. By using #Fredography you have a chance to get featured too!

Some hashtags you can use on your photos too

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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