The advantages of doing photography at any level

Doing photography doesn’t result in just a photo; it does so much more than that. It’s fantastic for the community around you, but there are a lot of advantages for you too. Check them out in this article!

I have done my best to categorize the benefits of photography. If there are any missing, let me know in the comments below. 😉

Family and love advantages of photography

Doing photography for yourself is excellent. A fun thing that comes from doing photography for yourself is that you can also help others.

It saves those memories

Whether it’s for you or someone else, it always helps you capture those memories. Something you saw on the street while traveling or that funny moment you shared with a friend. Take a photo of it or something that represents it. This way, you will remember it forever.

Make stories of your adventures

A lot of people do this on Instagram. A lot of them take photos directly in the story app. Which is great. Making and telling stories is awesome. A little disadvantage of doing it with Instagram is you lose the photos. Make the photos on your native smartphone camera app and upload them later. Just a little tip. 😉

Keep it as a souvenir of your travels

Traveling a lot, or even sporadic, generates more memories. Alone or with someone that means a lot to you. Create those photos of you, the place you go, and the things you do. You will want to remember them; photographing them helps you with that.

You can print a little photo album afterward to keep those memories as something tangible.

Remember your friends and family

Make photos of your friends and family. Get them in front of your lens at home and start shooting. Make portraits, candid shots, and group photos. This way, you will always have pleasant memories of them when they perhaps move away or even pass away.

I know it’s dark to think of. But you always regret not doing it afterward.

Get better photos of your kids and family

Doing photography and getting better at it ensures you have better photos of your loved ones. It’s okay to have quick snapshots with your phone, but maybe it’s nice to have some quality photos of them too.

Take photos while the kids play, or sneak up on your lover when they are making a nice meal. It seems like dumb moments, but it’s fun to have quality photos of those lovely moments.

Personal development advantages of photography

Of course, having those memories is already very nice. Another advantage of photography is becoming a better self. Improve your vision and thinking by simply taking photos.

Photography helps you release stress

It can be stressful, I admit. It all depends on what you like. I get stressed from portraits in a way, but I get super relaxed when I get to shoot insects and plants. Finding your niche in photography allows you to focus on a thing and forget your troubles for a minute.

Photography gets you outside

Unless, of course, you prefer to do studio photoshoots. Photography gets you outside if you are into landscape, macro, street, or many other genres. You must leave the house and look for those lovely places and moments to capture. A perfect motivator if you are prone to just sitting on the couch all day.

Photography clears your mind

Focusing on one subject helps you forget all the other things happening in the world. Go outside and find something to photograph. You will soon forget about those bills or your work issues. In the end, it might help you find a solution. It’s kind of like a long and hot shower.

Photography helped me with my day-to-day tasks

Photography teaches you a lot about composition, focusing, and those subjects. Composition is the simple task of giving the subjects in your frame a good place, which helped me with music composition. It also helped me with planning and looking ahead in small portions.

You get to see the bigger picture and the details

A good photographer knows how to make wide-angle and close-ups of a scene. By doing this, you can tell the entire story. After a while, it will become a habit. This helps you with problem-solving and storytelling in your day today.

See the beauty in everyday objects

A challenge you take on as a photographer regularly is photographing a mundane object. It helps you look at things differently and teaches you to see exciting things in the most mundane objects. Before you know it, everything looks magical to you.

You can do photography anywhere and anytime

Of course, this depends on the niche you’ve chosen. Doing landscape photography at night might be a tough one for beginners. Or light painting on a sunny Saturday afternoon might not work out. Ignoring those more extreme examples, it is possible to find interesting subjects to photograph at any time of the day.

Artistic advantages of photography

trying out double exposures in photography

Okay, we already discussed the personal development and romantic/family aspects of photography. Time for the elephant in the room: the artistic advantages. Creating art helps you to become more creative. Well duh.

Photography helps you get creative

Whether it’s because you need to photograph a mundane object that requires you to take on a completely different perspective or you have to find a suitable solution for that crappy light on a beautiful landscape, maybe you’re doing crazy composites in Photoshop afterward.

Photography makes you think of solutions that might not always be as obvious.

Photography makes you look at things differently

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a good challenge to photograph a mundane object and see if you can turn it into something more interesting. Eventually, you will have this as a reflex in your everyday life.

Give your creativity an outlet

Maybe you are already super creative and just looking for a way to put it into practice. Photography can help you with that. Just start creating the photos you envision.

Photography challenges you

In many ways, it can challenge you. Whether it is by dire conditions, you need to face them when doing landscape photography. Tedious studying to learn where to find certain animals. Or, find a way for your kids to sit still correctly to make a lovely family portrait.

You get to know yourself better

By spending a lot of time with yourself, you will learn about who you are. What you like, what you hate, and how you react in certain situations.

Earn a little bit of money

Making things no one else is making makes your work valuable. Sometimes it’s not worth that much; other times, it can be sold for quite a significant amount. Let’s say you made a photo of something happening in your city that newspapers or magazines like to use. Or a beautiful landscape your nephew would like to hang in his office.

Social advantages of photography

meeting up with photographers as a benefit of photography

There are many social opportunities in photography. Some are easy to find, and others are random. Anyway, be ready to have a growing network!

You become part of a community

In a lot of cities and regions, there are photo clubs. You can join them to improve your photography but also meet others. Everyone there is interested in the same topic as you are. But they often might have other visions or experiences. Something you can learn from!

You can share what you see

It might not be attractive to other photographers, but your friends and family will love it. Did you see a deer near your house? Damn, most of your friends didn’t even know they lived there, let alone see one.

 Are your kids playing the funniest game ever? Being able to take a nice photo of it will make the grandparents even happier.

You get to show what’s important to you

This can be anything. For me, it’s essential to share the beauty of nature, especially on a macro level. I love showing people the beauty of insects and plants around us. Maybe one day, they will stop kicking the mushrooms in the woods during autumn and appreciate them more.

Get a better understanding of other people’s art

Understanding what it takes to make a good composition will help you value others’ time to craft their images. It also enables you to understand movies and television better. Or how sometimes a simple choice of composition or vantage point can manipulate the news.

Meet new people more easily

It often happens that I go somewhere to photograph and encounter another photographer. Often enough, one of the two will start a conversation. About the place first, then comes the tech talk, followed by a friendly chat about anything. Using Facebook or business cards helps you to stay in touch afterward.

My girlfriend compared photographers to dog owners once. We always notice each other and ask about the other person’s camera.

What advantages in life are you experiencing by doing photography? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: There is none; I just wanted to write this content for you. <3

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  1. First of all I want to say a big thank you. Your this blog contains the all things I have ever experienced. I want to make career in photography but I confused where I have to start it. After reading this, I get relevant ideas and situations.
    Okey. So be on talk, my personal experience in photography I am doing since two years by my Mobile camera/mobile photography. I learn the mundane that is surround/near us is not that what we are saw. But, it’s something that we never assumed.
    I am in love with macro photography. And capturing the nature’s beauty in our camera that’s give a different level of vibes I ever get it.
    I always want to explore the unexplored on the macro level.
    Thank you,
    To give me opportunity to share my experience with you.
    – Shubham Shrivastav

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