Where to find new photography ideas to get inspired

Finding new photography ideas can be a challenge. You can google some ideas, but usually, those ideas are pretty plain and not that new. It’s always better to have sources that inspire you to do photography.

In this blogpost

At the bottom of this blog post, I added some ideas you can use. It can be a good thing to copy them. It can also be a good thing to make them your own. Or combine them? Play around to learn more and spark new ideas.

Some of the ideas I have tried myself already. On my other website, I try to post a challenge every week. The results aren’t always perfect… or even good. The idea is to learn new techniques, spark new ideas, and get better at photography as a whole.

Look at other photographers

In this day and age, other photographers are everywhere. Not everyone is necessarily inspiring. Yet everyone has the potential to be. It’s also a question of what you like.

Photobooks for photography ideas

Some people like more classic resources like photobooks. You can buy them in most bookstores and online. In bookstores, you can have a look around in the photography section. What books attract your attention? You don’t have to buy all the books you like in one go, though. Have a bit of a budget. 😉

Something else you can do is note down the names of the photographers and authors you like. Research their other work online too to find even more sources.

Check Instagram for photography ideas

It’s 2021, so Instagram can be an excellent source to watch photos by others. You can discover nearby exciting places. Or find people to go on a photo walk with. They can inspire you for a new composition, lighting, and other technical aspects of photography if they’re good photographers.

A caveat, though, a good photographer and a lot of followers are still not synonymous.

Use Google to find other photographers

Instead of Googling photography ideas, you can research nearby photographers. You can often find the best work on their portfolios, which is already inspiring in and of itself. But even better is that some of them also post behind the scenes. How they got the shot, what gear they use, and other information might help you get better at photography and create your own photography ideas.

Watch movies and series

Movies are just moving photographs, right? Well, not really; there is a big difference between photography and videography. But let’s focus on the similarities too.

Movies and series can often be very inspiring to photography. The content in itself can spark new ideas. But also the images from the films. Maybe you see a specific lighting setup that can be fun the remake for a portrait. Or a certain angle can inspire you to try the same thing.

Look at other visual art

Visit a museum with paintings. It can be a modern or classical artist. A lot of the same principles can be used in photography too. We don’t call the photographer’s favorite portrait light setup ‘Rembrandt’ lighting because it’ sounds good.

Read a magazine (not necessarily photography related)

Magazines are photo-heavy media. Each page contains a photo. Even if the magazine is not photography-related, it can be an exciting source for inspiration related to a topic. A human interest magazine probably has some good portraits in it.

And your favorite motorsports magazine is full of great automotive photographs. So take a look at the photos too. Look beyond the pretty car in the pictures. Look at how it is captured in the image.

Photography ideas for you to try

As promised at the top of this article, I am adding this list of ideas you can try in your photography. They are some fast and simple ideas to get started with today. They can improve your technique or your way of composing shots. Anyhow, it’s fun for them to try, but it’s best to use these as a starting point rather than a goal.

Where do you look for photography ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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