Street photography in the rain: using the rain to your advantage

Street photography can be done practically anywhere at any time. Well, except when it rains, because then you should stay warm and cozy inside, right?

You’ll get many answers if you google ‘what is street photography’. All of which are correct. 

Well, it’s the internet… most of which are correct.

To me, street photography is any type of candid photography you do in an outdoor space with human elements. 

For most photographers, it focuses on people specifically. However, for me, that’s not a pure necessity.

In general, I do feel it has to happen outside and in public.

But there’s an issue with the outdoor aspect. At least, in some countries, more than others. The rain.

Going anywhere from a drizzle to a monsoon. 

Ideas for street photography in the rain

When seeing it rain outside, the first reflex is to put the camera back in the bag, grab a book, or put on a Netflix show.

But there’s something about going out in the rain with your camera. The world looks different. Perhaps fewer people are outside, but that shouldn’t be an issue. There are other subjects too.

Depending on the time, people have to get out anyway, Commuting back home, running through the rain to catch their bus. It could be an exciting photo.

The grey streets might get a pop of color from someone’s flashy umbrella or raincoat. Or someone jumping over a puddle can become one of the most iconic street photos in the world.

And, of course, the idea of using reflections in puddles. It’s nothing new, but it’s still great to get interesting photos.

Preparing for street photography in the rain

Getting ready to go outside in the rain may be slightly more annoying than on a dry day. The extra effort is relatively minimal.

Of course, start with putting on a good raincoat and waterproof shoes. Keeping yourself dry will make for a more pleasant experience. (Unless it’s been a relentless heatwave and you’re happy to finally have some way to cool down, been there).

It’s best to ensure everything you need is ready for your camera. A fully charged battery, an empty memory card that you can go the entire shoot with, and the right lens you don’t have to change.

Changing any of these in the pouring rain might expose your electronics to the water. And as you are undoubtedly aware, those two shockingly don’t mix well together.

Now, go outside in that downpour and take some fantastic photos!

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