Book review: Rewilding Africa by Grant Fowlds and Graham Spence

Writing reviews is just another way for me to justify my book addiction. Anyway, I got Rewilding Africa by Grant Fowlds and Graham Spence for my birthday. It didn’t take long for me to finish the book.

That’s probably already enough review right there. Reading through a book quickly means that it’s a good book.

I first saw Rewilding Africa in a bookstore in Cape Town back in September 2022. I was traveling and already had a couple of books with me. As it was at the start of my trip, I didn’t want to weigh myself down already.

So, in a never-before-seen showing of courage, I didn’t get the book.

I added it to my birthday wishlist. And lo and behold, I got it from my sister as a present.

The day I got the book, I started reading it and finished it just a few days later.

It reads so quickly because each chapter is a story in itself. However, there is, of course, an overarching narrative.

The book gives you a lot of insights into the world of conservation, specifically in South Africa, but also in general.

It doesn’t do so by explaining the systems in detail but by telling anecdotes from the field, with some sidenotes and ideas on the side here and there.

To make it even more fun to read, most of the stories fit perfectly around a campfire.

For me, it was insightful. About how much corruption there still is. How poaching is still a big problem, and how it works. But also that many people are standing up against the poachers. Often even risking their own lives.

If you are interested in nature and its conservation, I highly recommend this book.

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