Photo diary June 2024

Jenthe in Rome at the Colloseum

It’s funny how much fuller your months become if you occasionally write down what you do. These monthly recaps help me feel more satisfied with my time. I can recommend these types of reviews to anyone.

I do the same for my days. Write down what I do and then make a daily recap for myself. To sort my mind. You can call it a diary. But anyway, let’s talk about June 2024.

It started with two nights in Rome with a friend. Me and Jenthe went on a bro city trip there. It could have been more planned out, but we had plenty of ideas of where to go. We had issues only on the second of June, as that’s the national holiday in Italy. And with issues, I mean a change of plans. No free tour of the Colosseum but a military parade. It works for us, too!

I also had deep-fried pizza there for the first, and I can highly recommend it!

The rest of the month was mostly spent working. I photographed at the Prince’s high school graduation, did events about electrical trucks, made images for job offerings, took event photos in the pouring rain and indoors, gave a workshop to the Red Cross’s communication people, and took various types of headshots.

I also went shopping for clothes for the first time in forever. It’s something I dreaded for the longest time. I usually buy my clothes online but am often unsure about the right fit and sizes. Like any ‘normal’ person, I made a detailed list of shops I needed to visit in Antwerp and followed the schedule.

I also had the fun idea of using my Campsnap camera to do some street photography in Brussels. I’ll probably write a more detailed article about that soon, but I can say that it was fun. It’s a small camera that’s not perfect in any way, but fun nonetheless.

Of course, I also did more regular street photography with my Nikon Z7III (I find the Z8 too big for it).

Some firsts and exciting media of March 2024

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