My Antwerp Street Photography

Every city has its style and vibe, so street photography from that particular city does, too. In street photography, the photographer and city meet. So, in this blog post, I’d like to discuss and show my dates with Antwerp.

I’ve been living and mainly photographing in Brussels for the past three years. I was living there with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, we broke up, and I moved back to my hometown of Antwerp.

I’m definitely not done with Brussels and will return often, but this did allow me to date my hometown more again.

And a lot has changed in those three years I’ve been gone (I did visit, of course).

New buildings have been built, streets have been completely reorganized, and I have changed, too.

I find myself more exploring. Going into streets, I’ve never been. Casually wandering. Something I did less before. I knew the city too well—or at least my way to the essential parts of it.

For me, it’s all about rediscovering those known parts and discovering many new ones.

Using the camera is an excellent motivation actually to go out. Using different lenses, challenging myself, and creating new photos helped me to explore.

For me, it’s daunting to do street photography still. It’s a challenge to photograph people while they are out and about.

But I also like looking around for other subjects. Like the birds, inanimate objects, textures, and anything I can see.

Though the Nikon Z7II bought earlier this year helps me. It’s lighter, smaller, and quieter than my D850’s. It is helping me feel more comfortable photographing in public.

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