Photo diary May 2024

Dad and kid on the Witte Spiraal in Antwerp

At first, I felt like the start of this month was kind of slow, with nothing much happening, but looking back, it was a busy month, with the busyness building up to the end. It’s a good thing I can close the month off with a city trip to Rome.

May the first, I started out by redoing the theme of my website and giving the blog a new look. I hope you like it. It should also be faster than the previous one.

Professionally, I also started using Picflow to deliver my photos to my clients. They are not a sponsor, but you can earn me money (or save it on my next invoice) if you subscribe using this link:

So far, I’m enjoying it. It’s prettier than my Dropbox galleries, and it allows me to check who’s watching and downloading my photos.

I’ve also done plenty of events in the past month, including some portrait shoots. It feels like it was mostly bigger events: a big circus-themed event, big sales events, and some bigger networking events.

I also secretly enjoyed the Eurovision drama a bit, though I couldn’t watch the show because of work.

Privately, there were plenty of moments to enjoy with friends. BBQs, communions of one of their kids, and a self-hosted portrait day I did.

I organized the portrait day to experiment with new gear and lighting setups and just to have fun with friends.

It has been a while, but I also visited a professional event as a guest. Learning new things about marketing and doing sales on LinkedIn. Which, as a corporate photographer, is my primary social media channel (or it should be).

On the side, I also finished some more music again, which I should now perhaps send to a record label. And I played around with Flickr. It’s one of those websites I kind of lost track of, but it seems to be an interesting tool anyway.

Just in time for the end of the month, I bought myself a 24-70mm f.28 lens for my Nikon Z cameras. I’ll be using it this weekend on my Rome city trip.

Some firsts and exciting media of March 2024

With all the work, I felt like I had little time to explore new media. But I still enjoyed some new things:

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