Huawei P40pro+ raw, everything you need to know

HuaweiP40pro+ of street close-up photo

The Huawei P40pro+ has been out for a couple of months now. For that time, I have been testing it. Finding out how I like the camera (spoiler: a lot) and if its the next step up in mobile photography. In this blog, I want to focus on my Huawei P40 pro+ raw samples. I will even provide some for you to download!

How to shoot RAW on the Huawei P40 pro +

HuaweiP40pro+ architecture sample
Wide-angle photo of Lillo in Antwerp with the Huawei P40pro+

It’s relatively easy to set up if you know where you need to look. If you’re new to Huawei devices or even Android, it can be a bit of a search before finding how to shoot RAW. Let’s do this step by step:

  1. Go to your camera app.
  2. At the bottom, select the ‘Pro’ mode.
  3. Make sure the RAW button at the top is selected.
  4. If it’s crossed, it is not selected.

And now you can snap away in RAW. You have to stay in pro mode, as that is the only feature that allows raw files. But you can change between the lenses without an issue.

What lenses shoot raw?

HuaweiP40pro+ telelens sample
Shot with one of the telelenses on the Huawei P40pro+

As you are aware, the Huawei P40 pro+ has a big set of lenses. Luckily, most of them support shooting in RAW. The only exception is selfie-lenses.

The focal lengths of zooms P40pro +

There are four different lenses you can use: 0,6x, 1x, 3x, and 10x. Let’s dive into what those numbers mean.

  • 0,6x is a wide-angle lens. The equivalent on a full-frame 35mm camera is 18mm. Meaning this is an excellent lens for landscape and architecture photos. It also works as a bit of a macro lens.
  • 1x is the standard lens. The equivalent on a full-frame camera is 27mm. Which is still a wide-angle, but it usually has less distortion around the edges.
  • 3x is a zoom lens. With the equivalent of an 80mm lens on a full-frame camera, this is an excellent lens for portrait and other travel shots.
  • 10x is almost unnecessary. It’s a 240mm equivalent of a full-frame camera. Meaning this is for very zoomed-in photos. Like wildlife!

The resolutions of the Huawei P40pro +

HuaweiP40pro+ raw sample of Brussels
Telelens photo with the P40pro+ during a beautiful sunset

Now you know how far you can zoom in with every lens, it’s worth diving in how big the files are. Each lens has its sensor, meaning each lens has its file size. The resolution differs quite a bit.

  • 0,6x I couldn’t find any official information about this one. But if my calculations are a bit correct, it should be a 10-megapixel camera. Giving you a 2592×3840 pixels file of about 20 MB.
  • 1x has a 50 megapixels sensor. It uses an RYYB setup, allowing you to take better photos in the dark. The result of a quick test shot gives a 6144x8192px  raw-image—a file of 101 MB. The megabytes differ for every image, as dark and lighter pixels use different amounts of information.
  • Both the 3x and 10x use a similar 12MP sensor. They are providing you with a 2448x3264px raw-image of about 16 MB.

Download my Huawei P40pro + raw samples

When subscribing to my newsletter, you get a ton of information and resources. One of those resources is some of my P40pro raw samples. You can play around with them in Lightroom, see how big they are, pixel peep.

Though, it’s not allowed to use them in any other way. It’s not allowed to publish or even sell these photos. It is, however, allowed to have fun with them!

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