Why you should make a new profile photo for your business

Portrait photography in Antwerp

By now, most business owners know they should include a good profile photo of themselves on their website. At least on their ‘about’ page. For those who don’t, here is a list of reasons why you really should, for your own’s sake.

I know this is a website for photographers. So why publish this article focussed on business people and entrepreneurs?

First of all, as a photographer, you should have a photo of yourself too. Second, these are arguments you can use to convince your clients to have a new headshot taken.

Show your network you’re a professional

There is nothing as unprofessional as using a photo of your time at the beach or with a cocktail in your hand in professional communication.

A professionally crafted photo is merely right for your network. Thus, your audience sees that you can and want to make such investments. Furthermore, they note that you take your branding, and therefore your work, seriously.

Even cropped, this would not come over professionally.

An eye-catcher online

With a professional photo, your photo catches the eye of your (potential) customers. You look straight into the lens with confidence, and thus also in the eyes of the viewer. People naturally notice when something looks at them; with this trick, you will definitely get seen.

Create a more personal communication

Portrait photography in Antwerp
Portrait photography in Antwerp

Do you know that feeling after calling and emailing a client that you would like to match a face with the voice?

With a professional headshot, your customers and connections can see your face next to your name. This way, it is more pleasant to communicate, and it is easier for people to remember your name and face. Besides, it is always helpful for clients to know with whom they interact.

Have a consistent look in all your communication

Portrait photography in Ghent
Portrait photography in Ghent

Whether you use the photos as a profile picture on your social media, as a blog avatar, or just in your website’s header: with a professional photo, your communication is consistent. Even if you use different images from one session, your look stays in the same line. This will help your branding a long way.

Stay up to date

People change regularly. Your hair is longer (or maybe shorter) than a year ago, you lost a few pounds, or you are a bit wiser. All these things influence your appearance. It is essential for your customers that your headshot stays up to date. A new one every year, up to two years, is therefore recommended.

How often do you create a new headshot of yourself?

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