What to do with travel photos after your trip

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You just came back from a trip, edited all your photos, and saved them somewhere safe. Now what? There are plenty of things you can do with those amazing photos of yours! Let’s dive in!

1. Post them in a Facebook album

In the olden day, we used to make boring slideshows to show our photos to friends and family. Now we can upload them to Facebook and let them watch them voluntarily. 

Another advantage of sharing the photos with the people on the photo and creating back-ups of your photos. Though they are not in high-resolution, is it nice to know you have some type of copy safe somewhere.

2. Post them on Instagram 

It’s the same argument as with Facebook, with the addition that you can share it with strangers too. Maybe someone had the same experience or has a nice anecdote to share with you.

By the way, use #Fredography on Instagram. I would love to see your photos too!

3. Print them in a booklet

You can do this for yourself and your family. Online there are plenty of services that allow you to make a booklet of your trip. It’s a nice way to keep those memories alive, especially if you leave the booklet on your coffee table.

Perfect for that moment, you want a quick look or a conversation starter when you are having guests over.

4. Print and frame for your walls

Hang them in your living room, hallways, bedroom, wherever you want, really. Every time you pass them, you will get a hit of nostalgia back to that amazing trip.

5. Upload them to a stock photo website

It is not hard to set up an account on a stock photo website in this day and age. I use wirestock.io, which allows me to upload without any extra work and distribute my photos to 6 stock websites.

Feel free to use my link to set up your account too: https://wirestock.io?ref=frederic.paulussen 

It won’t cost you any money as Wirestock makes revenue from holding a percentage of your passive income. So sit back and hopefully even earn your trip back!

Disclaimer: In this article are some affiliate links. This means that, if you buy or book something, I get a small percentage of the fee. This comes with no extra cost to you but helps me run this website.

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