Antwerp Central Station: A Masterpiece of Architectural Grandeur

The Antwerp Central Station is the most beautiful train station you can visit. Right at the city’s center, it’s a marvelous piece of eclectic architecture. A must-visit in the city of Antwerp.

It’s not just my words, the train station of Antwerp has been called the World’s Most Beautiful Train Station by the Time.

Exploring the main hall and terminal could take you some time. In the main hall, there are plenty of details to discover. You also have the terminal where the trains arrive—a huge hangar-style building. 

Some interesting bits about the Antwerp Central Station:

  • The current building started construction in 1895 and opened in 1905.
  • The architect for the main hallwas Louis Delacenserie, and he used a very eclectic style to design the main building.
  • Clément Van Bogaert designed the terminal of iron and glass.
  • The terminal is about 185 meters long and 44 meters wide. It’s also 54 meters high at its central point.
  • There are 14 tracks in the train station. Though puzzlingly, you can catch trains on track 24.

Photos of the Antwerp Central Station

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