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It’s always nice to be part of a community. Offline and online. Though, in some places, it’s hard to form a community. Like Instagram for example. That’s why I decided on making my own Instagram community a couple of weeks ago.

On Instagram, there is no real way to shout someone out without breaking any laws or rules. Reposting someone’s photo without permission is breaking the copyright law. But there is no way to reshare like on Twitter or Facebook.

To overcome this I decided to share people’s posts in my Instagram stories. This way I promote the original upload and don’t break any rules. Good thinking, Fred!

How my weekly Instagram community works

Instagram community
Showcase your profile on my Instagram community!

So, how does it go? What’s the format of my weekly Instagram community shoutout? It starts with a title-screen, just to make you aware the shoutout is about to start. I then repost a couple of photos I enjoyed that week. 

These photos are by people in and outside of my community. People I know, people I just follow, and even people I only started following that week because of that photo. I try to pick smaller accounts with amazing work. It’s not about the numbers!

Then I feature the photos on my personal hashtag. People that use #Fredography all get a chance to be featured. There is no limit to how many I post in my Instagram community stories. Though, I don’t want to bore my audience.

How to participate in the Fredography Instagram community

Participating is fairly easy: Just use the hashtags #Fredography on your posts. There is no limit to how many you can post with the hashtag. Though, I recommend picking the best ones. I’m only human and can handle only so many posts.

Then it’s just waiting until it’s Friday and see if you are featured or not.

What’s in it for you?

A simple, but important question. What can you gain by using my hashtag? First of all visibility. My hashtag is fairly new and young, so the people scrolling through it are all highly engaged. Make sure to return the same engagement to them. 😉

Second of all extra reach to your post. As I post them, there are shown to my followers. The Instagram community shoutout is one of the most popular things in my Instagram stories. So you are sure to get likes and followers from it.

Not unimportant, you’ll get recognition. I’m not going to claim I am a Steve McCurry or Ansel Adams, but I am a fairly good photographer. So it’s always nice to hear someone, like me, that they like your work.

Be part of the Instagram community. Being discovered only works if you also want to discover. Go out and see who else is featured. Comment on their work, DM them some advice, or just spread the love!

Get cracking and use #Fredography on your Instagram posts!

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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