Macro photography hashtags and tag accounts for Instagram

On Instagram, you will find many photos of amazing things from around the world. Travel influencers share their adventures, landscape photographers create art with what they have spread out in front of them. It’s time to discover another piece of the world that’s all around us. Share and discover it with these macro photography hashtags for Instagram!

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Macro photography hashtags on Instagram

I listed the 20 most popular hashtags related to macro photography in this list. You can use this list to follow the hashtags and fill your feed with macro goodness. Or you can use them to actively find and follow new accounts. Another option is to use these hashtags on your own Instagram and share your macro photography with other people with the same passion.



Yeah, you can just copy and paste this list of macro photography hashtags in the photo description on Instagram. But even better is to pick a view for each photo, change it up each time, and combine them with other hashtags.

Other hashtags can be what insect or plant you’ve photographed, the camera and post-processing software you used, and even the location you made the photo at.

Improve your macro photography with these tips.

Macro photography tag-accounts on Instagram

Another thing to do Instagram to get more reach is tagging accounts dedicated to a certain niche. Like macro photography. There are plenty of accounts that reshare your photos and give you credits.

A tip is to tag only one or two accounts per photo. So change it up between each photo you post. Make sure to properly tag the accounts and include their hashtags in your description. Also, include other macro photography hashtags.

  • @macro_vision: To be featured you have to follow this account and @main_vision. Use the hashtag #macro_vision on your photos.
  • @top_macro: Follow the account and use #top_macro to be featured.
  • @macro_brilliance: Follow the account and tag your photo with #macro_brilliance.
  • @macroworld_tr: Follow them and tag with #macroworld_tr to be featured.
  • @macro_mood: tag your photos with #macro_mood and #macromood
  • @bns_macro: Follow the account and tag your photo with #bns_macro
  • @macroclique: Follow the account and put #macroclique in your photo description.
  • @macro_perfection: A simple follow and #macro_perfection, and you might get featured!
  • @macrophotography.daily: Use #macro_ig to get featured on this account.
  • @macro_drama: Follow & tag #macro_drama
  • @macro_freaks: Follow the account and tag with #macro_freaks
  • @macro_captures_: Use #macro_captures on your photos to get featured.
  • @macro_highlight: Tag your photos with #macro_highlight to get a chance to be featured.
  • @macrophotographer_clubTag them on your photos.
  • @macrophotographer_club: Post your photos with #macro_delight
  • @macro_royals: Tag #macro_royals in your photos to get featured.
  • @the_macro_nation: Tagging #macroworld in your photo description will give you a chance to be featured.

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