My experience as a photographer in Brussels

A little over half a year ago, I moved to Brussels with my girlfriend. A whole new world. Or at least a whole new city. This provided me with a lot of new opportunities as a photographer in Brussels. Especially to pass the time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brussels is an endless photographic inspiration

First, I want to focus on just the general, not too businessy-side, of Brussels’ living as a photographer.

The large playground called Brussels

Brussels is pretty big. Even after 8 months here, I barely discovered the city center. And there is so much more outside the ‘vijfhoek.’ There are many parks like the Bois de La Cambre or municipalities Koekelberg or Schaerbeek to explore.

So as I won’t get bored anytime soon as a photographer living in Brussels. In case you have any special recommendations in Brussels. Let me know. 😉

The endless possibilities as a photographer

With Brussels as an endless playground, there are also many possibilities in the variation of photography types. Feeling like doing street photography? Brussels is perfect for that. Or are you up for more architectural kinds of pictures? This city has you covered. Even nature photographers can get shots here.

Old and modern architecture to photograph

As I stated previously, there are a lot of architectural opportunities in Brussels. As a Brussels photographer, you won’t get sick of the different styles of buildings. Modern, classic, medieval, and even Art Nouveau.

Brusselization is a term used by urban planners. For them, it’s actually a bad term as it means building new buildings without regard for what’s already there.

In a way, for photographers, that’s a good thing as there is always a strange combination to capture or just a smorgasbord in types of building.

Evolving places in the city

Even with plenty of things to photograph, the city management does a great job changing things up once in a while, like giving Manneken Pis a new outfit almost weekly.

Or placing Christmas trees and other festive ornaments on the Grand Place. There is always something new to discover. Even in the places, you visit almost daily.

The proximity of everything in Belgium

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is situated in the center of the country. So when getting sick of the city, you always have another place nearby to go to.

The beautiful city of Antwerp, the medieval city of Ghent, the beautiful Ardennes, the picturesque Bruges, the Belgian coast. All places are within two hours of Brussels. And that’s with public transport.

Loads of museums and shops to get inspired

In Brussels, you can find over 80 museums to get inspired and educated at. If that’s not enough already, there are a lot of bookstores to find great photography books.

My experiences as a professional photographer in Brussels

As a professional photographer, there are a lot of opportunities. Business with their Belgian and even European headquarters in the city. This means more potential clients for me as a freelancer.

By now, I have had some nice experiences in and around Brussels as a professional corporate photographer. Some before the pandemic and some during.

Photographing events happening in some majestic buildings or doing commercial photography for some cool brands. I was lucky to do different types of assignments already.

If you need any advice or help with your photography. Let me know at

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