One Lightroom feature I need Adobe to make

Recently Lightroom has launched some cool new things that are absolutely helpful. Yet, there is still one feature that I am missing in all the updates. Let me elaborate.

The new masking options Adobe released in Lightroom are powerful. Getting the opportunity to make a mask for the subject? Brilliant!

Being able to finally name your masks? A brilliant feature that I probably will not use until I have to go back into an edit once and get confused about my masks. I will then totally promise to always name them from then on but never actually do it again.

Anyhow. Love what Adobe did for masking and local adjustments, and there is just one tiny little thing that I would love to see added.

It’s one more masking option: A content-aware one.

Sure, the sky or subject selection is content-aware. But I am talking about it in sync between photos kind of way.

For example, I am a portrait photographer. Meaning I edit photos of people’s faces. In a studio setting, it’s often enough to edit one of the photos and then sync the edit to all the rest.

There are still some minor adjustments here and there, but overall that’s it. But then I have to go in and make the local adjustments over and over again. Clearing the skin, brightening the eyes, whitening the teeth.

An AI or content-aware system would be cool to have those synced too. The mouth changes positions or is maybe wider in some photos. Yet, the filter would know that this area’s pixel type should be whitened.

The benefit for photographers with this would be so much time regained. Imagine just syncing it all and having a full portrait day done in one go.

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