My ultimate travel and photography goals for 2021

Finally, 2019 is ending, two years after it started. (I’m not acknowledging 2020). It’s nice to start thinking about the goals I want to accomplish in 2021. It was hard to think about them. As a travel blogger and corporate photographer, the past year was.. err dull and excruciating. 

Okay, 2020, I’ll acknowledge your existence. You sucked. Sorry to say it like that. You sucked. You shouldn’t have been a year, you piece of sh-. Okay, breathe.

So 2020 was not a year to look back to fondly. However, some good did come from it. I started a side-project to allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to do quality networking from home

It was also an excellent period to rethink some things and do better planning.

And I am discussing the result of that planning in this blogpost: the goals (and plans) for 2021. 

Get out more as a personal goal

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Erica, my favorite hiking buddy

This one’s on a lot of people’s lists, I can imagine. After sitting indoors for almost the entire year, it’s time to get out. Enjoy nature, see the city and its people.

I’m already doing my best to do this by doing a weekly walk around the town or taking the car for a nature walk. Especially after moving from Antwerp to Brussels. Brussels is a beautiful city, but it’s packed, and there is little nature.

Anyway, the title of the blogpost contains the word ‘goals.’ And goals are quantifiable. Not just ‘get out more.’ So let’s put a number and a definition on this.

In 2021 I want to do 40 walks, each at least 2 hours long. Preferably one every week, but I’ll allow myself to do catch-up maneuvers by doing some more in a week.

Give workshops for individuals

A business goal. I give workshops in smartphone photography. My bookings are usually by companies that want to do training, team building, or extra activity on their events. I think that’s great, and I hope to more of those too.

However, this always links to marketing and communications. I want to help other people too: parents who want good photos of their children, travelers who wish to save those precious memories, and people who want to show their world.

So, the goal is to give 2 (self-hosted) workshops where people can freely buy tickets.

Travel more by train as an eco-friendly goal

By train to Paris? Why not.

Up until now, I usually took an airplane when visiting other countries. It’s easy and relatively cheap. It’s also devastatingly bad for planet Earth, and corona made me lose my appetite for it even more.

So let’s take the train more. I moved to Brussels this past year, and I discovered that many European cities are accessible by train. Trains I can get around the corner. So, why not make them more?

They are a bit more expensive than flying, but it’s a price I would like to pay. 

Putting this goal into numbers is a bit hard, so let’s say that air travel can not be the mode of transportation for more than 25% of all my foreign trips. I want to do better than 25%, but since a big part of my travels is press trips, I don’t always control transportation mode.

Earn an income from this blog

This blog has been financially interesting already. Though profitability is another thing, it’s a project that I love doing and don’t necessarily need to become rich. But it would be nice to get some kind of income from it.

It’s hard to pinpoint an amount to it. Let’s say that I would like to earn about 2500 euros with this blog in 2021.

If you want to collab, let me know. 😉

I feel that my goals will change during the year, or I will get some more plans. Anyhow, this is what I want to achieve at the start of 2021. Let’s see where this year takes us. 

What are your goals for the coming year? Let me know in the comments!

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