5 podcasts about photography you have to subscribe to

5 podcasts about photography you have to subscribe to

Doing photography is a constant evolution. Not only do you learn new techniques, but also get new ideas and philosophies behind your why. Podcasts are a fantastic tool to keep evolving. So here are my 5 favorite podcasts on photography.

About a year and a half ago, I dived into the world of podcasts. A friend of mine kept raving about the No Such Thing as A Fish podcast—a weekly comedy and science show. I subscribed and loved it.

Soon I figured there have to be photographers doing the same thing. Doing shows on photography and teaching you tricks, techniques, and ideas. And so I discovered the following list of broadcasts.

The Six Figure Photography Podcast by Ben Hartley


This is probably the first photography podcast I ever subscribed too. I like it. For me, it’s excellent. As a professional photographer, it helps me to run my business. Sure, I am from Belgium, and some things are only applicable to the US market. Yet, every episode, there is plenty that applies to anyone anywhere.

Most of the episodes focus on wedding photography, and recently elopement (which is something I still have to figure out what it is). Even as a corporate photographer, I can get a lot of takeaways. 10/10 does help your business.

Bokeh – The Photography Podcast with Nathan Holritz

Getting into photography will but your under an avalanche of questions. And since there are so many questions to answer, there are many episodes by Nathan. They go in all directions, from running a business to saving the nature around you.

This podcast won’t help you develop your technical skills, but it will help you develop yourself as a photographer.

Business of Photography Podcast by Sprout Studio


Business is in the title here… so you guessed it. This show is for photographers running a business. From taxes to personal branding, they discuss everything in this podcast series.

The fun thing about this podcast is that they discuss all niches. Recently they had an inspiring session about pet photography, which is funny because I do corporate photography. Yet, I still was able to learn things that are useful to me.

The Beginner Photography Podcast

To my feeling, this podcast tells the story of the guest photographer more than actual practical information. And before you think that’s annoying, it is not. They go into the story of the photographer, which usually is more inspiring.

Of course, the other podcasts talk about the photographer too. Still, I feel this one meanders more through the story instead of going to the point more directly.

A Small Voice: Conversations with photographers by Ben Smith


This one is all about the one photographer at the other end of the call with the interviewer. This podcast is really about art and vision. You can expect to learn about the philosophy and history behind specific projects.

An excellent podcast for people looking into doing more personal projects and understanding the art in photography.

What other podcasts can you recommend?

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