9 tips to do better macro photography with insects

Doing macro photography is for a lot of photographers pure relaxation. I usually do it during walks when I want to relax a bit. Plants and flowers are beautiful and colorful subjects, but I like to practice macro photography with insects too. Here are 9 tips based on my experiences. Read more

Quick fix: Nikon AF-D 50mm f/1.8 lens shows a F33 issue, what now?

The nifty-fifty, as it’s often called by photographers, is a great and versatile lens. Yes, it’s a prime lens, meaning you can’t zoom in on your subject. But the beautiful bokeh-effect the 1.8 aperture causes, let’s you forget about that. Read more

9 Tools Everyone Fan of Smartphone Photography Should Be Using

As a photographer or photo-fan, you are bound to be prepared for every situation you might encounter. From a stunning sunset to a lovely quiet moment in the woods. You want to be sure to make the best photo at any time. You will need a smartphone to capture that moment, but these tools will definitely help you get the most qualitative shots! Read more