The ultimate checklist for your citytrip-luggage

Going on a citytrip is so much fun, but packing always seems such a challenge. Do I have everything? Why isn’t it all going in my suitcase or bag? Do I really need that much underwear?

Because I struggle with those questions too, I made a list of how I pack my luggage for a citytrip. This means this should all fit in a small suitcase and rucksack that you can take with you in the cabin. That is why some things might not seem optimal, like a towel for every two days, instead of everyday, but sometimes you have to choose.


As you are probably not going to walk around naked, I suggest you take some clothes with you. They help you not get arrested for public nudity and can showcase your personality. Two big plusses!

Tip: try not to look too touristy. T-shirts with a location printed does not help with that. Leave that Hard Rock Cafe shirt at home too.

  • 1 piece of fresh underwear for every day (and take a spare one for every 3 days or so)
  • 1 long pants for every 3 days you go
  • 1 short pants for every 3 days you go
  • 1 tshirt/top for every day (and take a spare one per each 3 days)
  • 1 sweater per 3 days (just 1 per week if it’s going to be hot)
  • 1 raincoat, because you never know.
  • An outfit you can go out with.


If you don’t care about how you look and smell, well skip this part. But I’m pretty sure this is rather basic than excessive. So maybe not skip this part and be hygienic. Especially if you stay in a hostel, you don’t want to scare your roommates away.

  • A toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Hairwax
  • Shampoo and bodywash (but only if you’re not going to a hotel that provides those)
  • A towel for every two days (again, only if you’re not going to a hotel that provides those)


  • A camera or good phone
  • A powerbank
  • Your chargers
  • A blocnote

Prepare your phone

  • Back-up and erase photos to make room
  • Download some music playlists.
  • Download courses/ books.


  • A magazine or book to read, although you should not have time for that
  • A laptop, but only if you really can’t wait to share those photos.
  • Business-cards: as a freelancer, you never know who you’ll meet.

Am I forgetting something? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “The ultimate checklist for your citytrip-luggage”

  1. My packing is more like: 1 long pants, pyjama, 1 jumper and sports jacket, no go-out outfits. The only towel I take (even when staying in a hotel) is a short-dry towel from tourist shop. I always have shampoo/body gel with me, you never know. 😉 I packed for 2 weeks in Japan in a carry-on daypack (with netbook, camera, smartphone) and I was travelling through half of Japan. The key was to pack similar coloured clothes and wash it every few days.

    1. Very clever to wash your clothes regularly, especially on a longer trip. Thinking about your outfits and colours is a great way to make your luggage even smaller. Thank you for the comment!

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