How much underwear to pack? The travel underpants sweetspot!

I don’t care about clothes. However, I tend to spend money on one piece of clothing. As I think it is essential to have plenty of underwear, specifically, underpants as a guy. But the question with every trip is: how much underwear to pack?

You don’t want to find yourself bringing too few. But overpacking has some downsides too. So what’s the sweet spot?

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What to pack for a hostel: A man’s printable checklist to the essential things to bring for a stay in a hostel

Having a hostel checklist is always handy! There are things you should bring to a hostel which other types of stay don’t require. Don’t worry though, all the items are easy to find and probably already in your possession. Let’s get started with what to pack when staying in a hostel!

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Men’s travel packing list for a 4-day city trip – A handy printable checklist

Packing up for a trip is always a bit difficult. What pieces of clothing do you take with you? And how much of each? You’re probably even in a rush when packing because we all seem to do it pretty much last minute.

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