Travel Health and Safety Tips: Taking Care of Yourself

Even with a sense of adventure, it’s usually best to have your safety in mind. Limiting the risk of something terrible happening to you so you can extensively enjoy the good things happening to you.

For that reason, I’d like to share some tips you can keep in mind when you (are planning) travel. Not all suggestions will be relevant for all trips, but knowing beforehand is always better.

Pre-travel health and safety preparations

Before you leave, it’s best to do some research and preparations. For some destinations, you must have proof of specific vaccinations. Knowing that in advance could help prevent a lot of stress.

Researching your destination

Usually, the destination and your country have medical advice for traveling. We have the information for Belgians traveling abroad on This website lets you know what vaccinations you need for specific destinations.

It could also be worth researching if any diseases are prevalent to where you’re going. This way, you can protect yourself from them. Often, it’s simple prevention, like only drinking bottled water, only having protected sex, or staying away from certain food products.

Often seeing your doctor and telling them where you’re going could be a good start. They can tell you what vaccines to get and what medication to bring along.

Pack the health essentials

Bringing some imodium, paracetamol, and buscopan is always a good idea. Getting mosquito repellant and malaria pills could be even better for some destinations.

The good people at TheMarvelousTravelers made an entire guide for your travel pharmacy.

Next to medicine, also bring some bandages. You never know when a cut happens, and going out to get some while bleeding might not be so fun. It also protects you from getting infections that way.

And, of course, check your travel insurance.

Emergency preparedness

Research some local numbers to call when you get in trouble. It could be done in 15 minutes and save you a lot of stress whenever needed.

Police, hospitals, firefighters, … Make a short list on your phone so you can easily dial them whenever necessary. Perhaps also add locals you know already and the embassy. Just to be sure.

Eating healthy on the road

During your trip, enjoying the world and keeping yourself healthy is essential. Some foods and drinks aren’t the best idea to consume.

Water safety while traveling

Water seems one of those mundane things to be clean. For many, it comes out of the tap, and putting it in a cup and then in your mouth is not an issue.

In lots of places, that’s not a good idea. Research your location before drinking from the tap. It’s best to drink bottled water in a lot of places. Also, make sure the bottles are properly sealed.

The same goes for the ice in your drinks. Either refuse it or make sure it’s made of drinkable water. You’d rather be sick of the amount of alcohol you drank than the ice cubes that came in your one cocktail.

Some people even recommend only brushing your teeth with clean bottled water.

Food safety while traveling

For food, it’s best to ensure it’s either appropriately heated or cooled the way it should. I know it’s vague. But gauge if the ice cream has permanently been frozen and the chicken has been properly cooked.

If a salad doesn’t seem adequately washed and cooled, it’s probably not worth eating it.

Even though meat is delicious when it’s medium done, it’s best to get it well done while traveling. 

It’s best to research your destination, as sometimes food is perfectly safe in one place but not recommended in others.

What other safety and health measures do you apply while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

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