Travel essentials every man should pack

Whether it’s a short city trip or long multi-country travel you have planned, there are some essentials that every man should bring with him.

Whenever packing, make the conscious decision if you really need the thing you are packing. Even in this essential list, you will find things that might not be so important to you but are still worth considering.

Some things, like a toothbrush, are obviously non-negotiable. Even then, it’s worth thinking about the size or amount of what you are packing. A small tube of toothpaste is probably enough. You don’t have to bring a family pack on that solo weekend city trip.

Clothing essentials to pack

As I assume your not going to be naked on your trip, at least not all the time, it’s best to bring some clothing. Obviously hotter destinations require cooler clothing and vice versa.


This is the most essential. Bring plenty of underwear to wear. One for each day and then some spare ones.

Daily clothing

As we established, clothing is essential to every type of trip of any length. Bring a T-shirt for each day, some pants, sweaters, and socks (preferable as many as underwear).

Evening clothing

Could be that you are going out, going for dinner, or any other occasion that might require a bit more classy clothes.

Men hygiene essentials

I assume you care about your personal hygiene; still, it’s often those products we forget to pack. Often, we need some of the essentials until right before we leave the house, so we forget to pack them.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

It’s not only nice for the people that will talk to you during your trip, but it’s also for your own good. You don’t want to have disgusting teeth.

Soap and shampoo

Again, keep yourself clean. Usually, when traveling, you are walking around a lot and doing activities here and there. So at the end of the day, you are sweaty, and you smell. Wash it all off! Depending on the length of your trip, you can skip on the shampoo, though.

It’s also possible to just rely on the soap and shampoo the hotel provides you. That’s what I do when I am already overpacked.

Contact lenses and your glasses

Well, only pack these if you actually have to wear them. If you don’t need them and bring them… well that’s just weird.

Make sure to bring some contact-fluid too. I actually made an entire article about traveling with contact lenses.

Deodorant and perfume

Next to cleaning yourself off every day, you can also do some preventive measures. Deodorant, and for more special occasions, perfume. Though I must admit, I am the worst when it comes to deodorant. I always forget about it until I am smelly sweating.

Reusable water bottle

Drinking 2 liters a day is the recommended amount, yet it seems almost impossible to achieve. Especially when traveling it’s hard to get enough liquid in your body. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to at least try and achieve that 2 liter a day rule.

Bandages, painkillers, and medication

Let’s hope you don’t need any of these. It’s best to have some with you though. It’s one of those essentials you don’t want to need.


Actively looking to use them or not, just bring them.

Hand sanitiser

It might be the pandemic speaking, but this one can (almost literally) be a lifesaver. The world is a dirty place, so when exploring it, it can be good to have some hand sanitizer near you.


For your hair, obviously. Unless the right out of bed look is your thing.


It might be weird, but even a short trip requires so much paperwork. Lucky enough, most of it is probably sitting in your wallet already.

Passport and ID

Even if you’re not traveling internationally or by plane, the chances you will need an ID are huge for checking in at the hotel, for example. Or to buy alcohol in some places.

Credit card

Any card for paying will do, actually. However, credit cards are the most popular. Especially when traveling abroad, they are super useful.


If your card gets blocked or the shop doesn’t allow them, bring some local cash. It’s always handy to give tips anyway.


Flying, by train, bus, … all of those modes of transport usually require tickets. Yes, you can go eco by not printing them. But ever had your smartphone die at the moment you need to board?

Printed hotel reservations

Hotels don’t require tickets, yet I always write the name and address down somewhere on paper, just if my smartphone dies. This way, if shit hits the fan, I can show the address on paper to some taxi driver and still get there safely.

Driver’s license

This one is only necessary if you are renting a car. It’s in my wallet anyway, so for me, it’s one of those things I always carry with me.


Even the most awesome trips need a bit of downtime. Time before bed or waiting for your travel partner to get ready. So bringing some entertainment to kill time can be interesting to do.

Laptop and charger

A laptop will be easy to bring and highly functional. Check your emails, post on social media, or just watch Netflix.

A book

If you are traveling to go of the grid, a laptop won’t be a good solution. Bring a book!

Mobile games to play offline

Load some games on your smartphone before departure. The best is to have games you can play offline too. In case your internet is gone or you are in the air. I have a list of mobile games you can play offline!

Technology essentials

Entertainment is one thing, but there are still some technological pieces you should pack. Either to be entertained or to be safe.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Wether in public transport, like airplanes, or anywhere else. It’s nice to have noise-cancelling headphones with you.

Phone charger

Your battery will drain like mad if you are anything like me. Constantly making photos of the things you see, opening Google Maps to find your way, researching restaurants, … So don’t forget your charger!


Your smartphone is often more than enough, but still, if you have a camera, bring it with you. Pack it safely and close to you so you can always use it.

Travel adapter

It seems like there are way to many type of plugs in the world. There is an historical reason for that, but this does not bring any solace if you find yourself without travel adapter and a plug you can use.


Downloading a VPN to your smartphone and laptop means you can access any website anywhere. So the websites blocked in your destination are still accessible. Also, it’s nice to have the same Netflix content as you have at home.

What travel essential do you pack that’s not on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this travel essential with us. I have a bad habit of forgetting things while traveling, so I created a checklist for myself. And I would like to suggest you add a business card to this list. Because as a business owner you might need this anytime.

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