How packing cubes can improve your traveling experience

The first time I heard about packing cubes I was amazed. Something so simple yet useful. I hope the inventor has become rich of his idea. So, why am I so enthusiastic about something so simple?

First of all, what are packing cubes?

packing cubes

It’s a way of organizing your suitcase or backpack. The packing cubes are cubical bags or containers. Usually, one side is transparent. Most cubes are made of artificial fabrics. This makes them clean and strong.

The idea is to organize your suitcase by making sub-divisions. For example, put all your t-shirts together, have a separate cube for underwear, and another one for your trousers. Kind of like you would organize your closet at home.

The transparent side of the packing cube allows you to see what’s in each cube. So when traveling you can take whatever you need at that moment, without having to go through your entire suitcase.

It works perfectly for city trips, road trips, or longer travels.

How packing cubes can help travel

  1. You win time finding the right clothes: All you have to do is find the right packing cube, and voila. All your t-shirts you have with you. Pick the one want, close the cube again, and put it back in your suitcase. Neatly, as if it was never touched.
  2. Your luggage is organized: Even after weeks, your suitcase or backpack is still organized when you use packing cubes. Before I had my set, I would start the trip with an organized suitcase and end it with underpants stuffed in old T-shirts next to “fresh” t-shirts.
  3. It keeps your luggage and clothes clean: Leaving your dirty laundry in your suitcase next to your fresh clothes. Urgh, disgusting! But what else are you going to do, right? Well, pack them in a different cube.
  4. It compresses your clothes: By packing them tightly you can generate more room in your luggage. Of course, this doesn’t work if you are exceeding a weight-limit.
  5. Color code per person: Going with your loved-one, or the entire family? Make sure everyone has their own color, this way you can just glance in your shared suitcase and find your outfit immediately.
  6. Stand-in pillow: This is probably my most used hack. When you go out camping or need to sleep in a place that barely has a bed for you, you often don’t have a pillow. If you’re like me, you really can’t sleep without a pillow. Take a well-stuffed packing cube and use it as your headrest for the night.

If you look online there are plenty of places to buy yourself a set of packing cubes. I looked around and discovered Amazon has the largest choice. So go ahead and start choosing the different sizes you need and colors you like.


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