6 unique things to do in Namibia

A while ago I went to Namibia. My first time in Africa, but definitely not my last. I will always remember camping and sleeping in the open air, the braais at the campfire, and changing the truck’s tires in the desert. But summing all this up would take an encyclopedia, so in short: these are my 6 favorite things to do in Namibia.

1. Visit the Himba’s – cultural things to do in Namibia

Visiting the Himba's in Namibia
Visiting the Himba’s in Namibia

These people live in small communities all over Namibia. You can visit them with a guide, as they regularly will have the connections and knowledge to pay them. This is not necessarily money, often goods they can’t provide themselves are good too.

As you will soon notice they paint their skin with a red paste and they will probably let you try some. They might also ask some awkward questions. Like: “How old are you? Oh, 30? You must have many kids then? Oh, you’re not yet married?”.

2. Watch Epupa Falls – Awesome things to do in Namibia

Things to do in Namibia: Epupa falls, Namibië
Epupa falls

The Epupa Falls are easily accessible from the nearby campsite. Don’t fall in though. There are no fences and you are on top of it before you know it. An awesome view.

You can also go canoeing on the river and spot crocodiles. Even though I accidentally fell out of my boat into a rapid, it is something I can recommend. It’s not as heavy as white water rafting in Victoria Falls, though it is a nice and adventurous experience.

3. Go on a Quad ride in Swakopmund

quad riding in swakopmund

In Swakopmund, there are a lot of things to do. Nearby is Walvisbaai where you can go for a kayak between the seals and dolphins (if you are lucky). There’s also the possibility to go skydiving. And, one I can highly recommend, is to go for a quad ride in the dunes.

It’s fun to take control in your own hands and chase down the fairly high dunes. If you are lucky, one of the guides might allow you to do rollercoasters with your vehicle. 😉

4. Watch seals at the Skeleton Coast – Cute things to do in Namibia

Seals at skeleton coast

On the coast of Namibia, there are several places to spot seals. During spring (remember it’s the southern hemisphere) they come together in large numbers to give birth. So if you time your trip right, you can spot a lot of these small ones. But be aware, you will also spot a lot of dead ones. It’s not a bad disease or anything. Unfortunately, that’s just how nature goes.

You will make loads of photos there. Learn how to edit your photos on Instagram in this handy guide.

5. Watch ancient trees in Deadvlei – Humbling things to do in Namibia

Probably the highlight of Namibia: a valley of dead trees. They are between 600 and 700 years old and so dry they can not rot away. Por tip: come early to avoid the sun burning you. It can get really hot. Also, bring thick shoes, the sand will burn straight to your H&M shoes. Trust me on this one!

Learn more about Deadvlei and Sossusvlei on 197 Travel Stamps’ blog.

6. Do a (night)drive in Etosha – Exciting things to do in Namibia

By day you will be able to spot a lot of wild animals in Etosha National Park. People are not allowed outside of the camps by night, but these guides have a special permit. I jumped into the open truck not expecting too much. But in the two following hours, I spotted several animals: rhinos, hyena’s, lions, zebra, giraffes, and several birds.

I can recommend to book a tour, rather than doing self-drives all the time. In my opinion, this gives you a better opportunity to see more animals. 

Book Namibia’s Best 4 Day Etosha Safari Private Guide Tour

Do you have recommendations for things to do in Namibia?

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  1. Namibia is definitely on my bucked list. I can’t wait untill the kids are older. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of Africa, but never visited Namibia. Your blog has made me think twice about our comming holiday destination (should we switch from Thailand to Namibia?)!

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