Day 4 – A day in Amsterdam: resting is important, so is beer

The first 210 kilometers were done. So time for a day off in Amsterdam. What to do… For me it was the Xth time in Amsterdam (my brother lives there), for Fons it was the very first.

Canals and shopping in Amsterdam, how original!

A stroll in the city center between all the canals was essential. So we did that for a large part of the day. Walking up and down all the bridges. For a rest day, we didn’t really rest. A coffee in a café and back on our feet. We also went shopping in the Kalverstraat. I really needed a normal sweater and jacket, because all I had was sporting-apparel.

FOAM: the Amsterdam photographic museum

A trip to Amsterdam isn’t complete for me without a stop at the photo-museum. As you might know, I love photography. At least once a year I go to this museum. It’s the perfect place to get inspiration from experimental new artists, old classics, or a photographic genre you didn’t know about yet. It’s located at the famous Keizersgracht, so it’s a beautiful walk getting there.

The IAmsterdam classic

Since it was Fons’ first time in the Dutch capital, this is a no brainer. We went to the square and saw the huge letters. But hipster as we are, we didn’t want a photo with it. The sun was out, the atmosphere was fun and the pond was beautifully decorated. So we hung out for a while.

Beers, again

After a thai dinner we went out to our new favourite bar again: De Biertuin. Since we had to get on our bike again the next day, we decided to keep it slow. So at midnight we went to bed after only 3 or 4 beers each. Which is okay for us. What a great night sleep!

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