The best Instagram hashtags for your visit to London

London is probably one of the most popular cities in Europe, maybe even in the world. It’s very important to use the right hashtags on your London Instagram photos, so the right people get to see it. With these hashtags, you can help your photo get the reach on Instagram it deserves.

Hashtags for the entire city of London, UK

Instagram St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge

Wherever in London, you are Instagramming, these hashtags cover the entire city of London. Whether you’re climbing the #Shard, making those #foodstagram photos, or just doing a bit of #Streetphotography: these are the Instagram hashtags for London.

Also, it’s a good idea to add hashtags to the specific activity you see or do. For example #viewpoint, or #streetphotography. To just give you some more tips.


Hashtags for specific locations In London, UK

Enjoy a bit of street photography in London

There is so much to see and do in London. It’s a really big city, as you can imagine. So everyone will find something they love. You will definitely find something you want to share on Instagram too. In a specific location? Use the London hashtags for Instagram I mentioned above, but also use these location-specific ones.


Some of the most Instagrammable (or photogenic) places in London

Share the modern architecture of the Shard on Instagram
  • Big Ben: Just to prove you were actually Instagramming in London 😉
  • The London Eye: If you like to have a view from above the city.
  • Tower Bridge: One of the most iconic buildings in the city.
  • Westminster: A neighborhood with loads of things to see and do.
  • Buckingham Palace: Go say hello to the Queen. Tell her ‘Hi’ from me!
  • The Shard: A beautiful and modern building, which has a nice viewpoint!
  • Natural History Museum: Yes, I am in my twenties and still love dinosaurs. Sue me!
  • Trafalgar Square: Another iconic place.
  • Piccadilly: Have you really been to London if you didn’t stroll around here?

Some Instagrammable activities to do in London

Go for a pizza at Pizza Union in London


Use of hashtags

It’s best to change up your hashtags. Don’t use the same ones for every photo you post. Of course, a couple will be recurring ones, but try to use specific hashtags too. Maybe ones for the clothes you are wearing? Or about the people you are with?

Use #Fredography on your Instagram photos too. I have a weekly segment in my Instagram stories where I highlight my favorite photos. By using #Fredography you have a chance to get featured too!

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