Photography podcasts you need to follow

Listening to podcasts is an easy way to learn more about a topic while on the road, outdoors, doing chores, or whenever. But which photography podcasts are worth your attention?

Over the past years, podcasts have helped me grow as a professional and photographer. And I am sure they can help you too. 

Often, they provided me with news, tips & tricks, strategies, and insights into how others work.

The six-figure photography podcast by Ben Hartley

This podcast mainly focuses on the business side of photography, usually with a focus on wedding and family portraits. But, of course, many business and marketing principles are helpful for all types of photographers.

Listen on Spotify:

Bokeh – the photography podcast with Nathan Holritz

Sadly, no new episodes will happen. But all previous ones are still online and relevant.

Six hundred forty-one episodes of super exciting information for photographers who want to be professional or improve their business. It ranges from marketing to legal, finance, and having time off.

Find all episodes and resources:

The beginner photography podcast

In this podcast, they focus on you, the photographer. Finding your style, figuring out what type of gear you need, and how to improve your photos. You don’t get tutorials, but more insights into how and why things are best done in a certain way. They teach you to think like a photographer, more than copy others.

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Coffee With Creators by Adorama

Though not all guests are photographers, this podcast is fun to watch. Each time, they host a guest and have a coffee. Usually, the conversation has a specific topic, but it can go in any direction, which makes it even more enjoyable.

The conversations are about gear, culture, and vision.

Watch on YouTube:

AVoice by Daniel Norton

Daniel Norton has been professional for a while. The fun thing is he likes to share his knowledge and does it in his quirky way. He has great insight and helped me out a lot already.

He focuses primarily on vision and philosophy and talks with others.

Listen on Spotify:

Workflows by Imagen

Going from taking photos to editing and posting or delivering is a long path sometimes. Workflows (the concept) are usually reasonably essential to making it as qualitative and fast as possible. That’s why Workflows (the podcasts) exists.

Find all episodes:

Which of these podcasts do you enjoy already? And which ones should I discover next? Let me know in the comments below!

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