Photo diary February 2024

Wow, another month passed already. Another busy one, too. Let’s dive in.

This month was quieter than January, which is good because January was too busy for me. February was at a decent and regular pace. Not too quiet, not too busy. Just right.

I did some big events this month, like an award show for a huge real estate vendor. And an event for a part of our flemish government with the youth minister present. To mention just two big ones.

I also did a series of portraits and branding photos for another company that has offices all around the country.

Besides work, I also did photography and other things for myself.

I did my first LinkedIn live, joining Mic Adam to discuss my job.

I visited a lion dance for Chinese New Year here in the city. Then, a second-hand market. I was looking for some vintage analog cameras. Though I did find some, I wasn’t sure about their functioning and price. 

There was a small LHC in the Voetgangerstunnel in Antwerp that I wanted to see. Though it was slightly disappointing, to be honest.

I also spend time with friends. Celebrating one of their birthdays in a local brewery and went bowling with some of them. Oh, and I watched the Dune Part 1 rerun in the cinema.

Apart from doing photography myself, I also visited the FOMU. In the photomuseum, I saw the exhibition of James Barnor. He is a talented photographer I didn’t know yet, but I’m sure he will continue to inspire me. Obviously, I bought his book.

Some firsts and exciting media of February 2024

  • Firsts
    • LinkedIn Live: it was cool to do this. It’s a valuable medium.
  • Books read
  • Films/series watched
    • Dune Part 1: They gave a rerun in the cinema. So I went to see it for the first time. Now, I’m excited for Part II.
    • Avatar live action: Not as bad as people say it is. However, it has its flaws for sure.
    • Jack Reacher: I expected a mindless action movie. I was surprised—it was a really intense and good film.
  • Blogposts of this month
  • New IGer I discovered
    • Geit.eero shares a daily photo and a quick BTS in his reels. It is fun photography and inspiring to see him doing this daily.

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