Photographic progress: my photography improvement wishlist

I spend a lot of attention on working on myself and my craft. One of the tricks to achieve something, sometimes, is to share it. So here is my list of photography-related things I want to improve.

Note that it’s not the first of January. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. When I want to improve on something, I do it today. Waiting for a Monday, first of a month, or any other date marker is only fooling yourself.

I don’t set a hard deadline or number for these working points. Some of them are soft skills I want to improve, which are impossible to quantify.

I want to improve my human interactions in street photography

Grow the balls to photograph people more head-on. Not in their face like Bruce Gilden does. But more interactive with them, perhaps. Talk to them and hand them my card so they can get a copy of the photo.

Meet more people/photographers

Have more talks with other photographers. Often, it’s fun to share tips, give and receive advice, and talk about visions. I’m still in a photo club in Brussels, but since moving back to Antwerp, it’s not easy to get there often.

Also, I am considering starting a podcast to talk to street photographers more. There are few podcasts on the topic at the moment.

Slow down once in a while

I’m not a patient man. Using slow shutter speeds and a tripod feels like hell to me. But I think I would benefit from slowing down sometimes, going out, and using a slower shutter speed with a tripod.

Also, do more analog photography. So, I have a financial reason to go slow and think through my photos.

What do you want to learn or get better at? Let me know in the comments!

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