Where to stay in Antwerp: Airbnb places in Antwerp that are perfect for your city trip

Antwerp is a beautiful city which you need to visit at least once in your life! It’s famous for its diamonds, fashion, and architecture. Sleeping in a great Airbnb makes for a complete Antwerp experience during your city trip.

You can get up to €30 discount on your first booking

Where to stay in Antwerp for €1-50 a night

The ‘Cosy Studio Historic Centre’ for €35 per night.

This place is situated in a 450 years old back house. This way you are sure to enjoy Antwerp medieval style! It’s not the biggest place in Antwerp, but the reasonable price and private bathroom and other facilities will definitely make up for it!

A private studio near Antwerp’s Central Station for €36 per night

A cozy and peaceful looking studio close to to the Railroad Cathedral: Antwerp’s Central Station. The entrance to the studio is private too. So you will be completely on your own.

Get Medieval in this authentic mansion for €38 per night

A 19th-century mansion with medieval paintings old sewing machines and rustic beds. A great place to start your city trip to the medieval part of Antwerp.

Where to stay in Antwerp for €51-100 a night

An Instagrammers dream in Antwerp for €52 per night

Right in the city center for up to 4 people, this place in Antwerp will definitely get a place on your Instagram feed. Everything from the bed sheets to the wall decoration is in a springy warm vibe.

Close to the Shopping street of Antwerp for €95 per night

This location is in a small street 50 meters from the biggest shopping street in Antwerp. On top of that, it looks like a place a Count of Belgian would stay at. A fancy older looking building with modern amenities. Perfect for the shopping city trippers!

Modern and rustic combined for €68 per night

This place in central Antwerp combines rustic looks in a modern looking building. However, the construction of the house was back in the 16th century. The best news: you will have it all to yourself!

Where to stay in Antwerp for €101-150 a night

A complete apartment near the restaurant street of Antwerp for €115 per night

This place will be completely yours when booking it. It’s a rustic apartment that has a view of the most beautiful Cathedral in the world. On top of that, the Oude Korenmarkt is really close by, so you will have all the restaurants you need close by.

Sleep with a view over the river for €125 per night

The river ‘t Scheldt (de Schelde) is the economical highway of Antwerp. Waking up with a view over this big river is like you are still dreaming! The room looks really luxurious too!

A homey place to stay for €140 per night

If you’re not really a fan of sitting in an impersonal apartment or clean studio, this cozy and warm looking house might be your jam. You won’t stay alone as the owners are present, but you do have enough private space to enjoy your time there!

Where to stay in Antwerp for €151-250 a night

A trendy house near the famous De Koninck Brewery for €155 per night

This place is in one of the trendy neighborhoods of Antwerp. It is close to the Brewery of De Koninck beer, a beer of which Antwerp is proud! There are 3 bedrooms, so it’s an ideal location for a weekend city trip with friends.

Sleep next to the Cathedral of Antwerp for €225 per night

An old 16th-century house built against the walls of the Cathedral in Antwerp. The interior looks medieval but comfortable. Located on the main square of the city, this place is the perfect base to start exploring the beautiful city.

Where to stay in Antwerp for €251-500 per night

A big loft with pool and garden for €275 per night

If you are coming with a group of friends in the summer, this place it ideal. It’s close to the city center, has plenty of bedrooms, and there is a swimming pool! What more do you need?

A central location with 360° view over Antwerp for €298 per night

This loft is located at the banks of the river Schelde. A great and central location for city trippers in Antwerp. On the large roof terrace, you get a complete view of the city and the river.

Sleep in the oldest house of Antwerp for €275 per night

Sleeping in the oldest house of Antwerp means you will have access to national heritage built around 1480. The facade is still made of wood. This is the perfect place to completely get into the medieval side of Antwerp.

Where to stay in Antwerp for €501+ a night

A design mansion in the heart of Antwerp for €600 per night

An antique carriage house from the 1800s. This place looks very nice and is located in a central place of Antwerp city. The thing I like the most about this listing is the fairy lights in the garden!

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