The Huawei P30 pro 5x, 10x, and 50x telezoom review

So, the new Huawei P30 pro is out! What a phone, right? As a telezoom enthusiast, I couldn’t help myself to immediately start photographing with the telezoom functions.

Let’s work our way through the zoom functions backward. From 50x to 5x.

The P30 pro has a telezoom lens with 3 zooming options. The first one is an optical zoom with 5x zoom, then there is a 10x hybrid zoom, combining optical and digital zoom to provide you with a quality photo, and then there is an 11-50x digital zoom, going beyond what any other smartphone has ever done.

The Huawei P30 pro 50x digital zoom

Top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with Huawei P30 pro 50x digital zoom

Let’s first repeat again what a digital zoom is. Basically, it is similar to cropping a photo. So you are cutting away pixels to make a new crop. To make sure your end result isn’t the size of a stamp, the pixels you do use are enlarged. Unfortunately, that goes hand in hand with quality loss.

This is not different for the Huawei P30 pro’s 50x zoom. It’s a digital zoom, so they are using artificial technology to provide you with a photo. Although the sensors are pretty strong and sometimes it doesn’t have to look perfect, this can be a useful feature for informative use.

The result isn’t particularly qualitative, but you do end up with a 1343mm lens equivalent on a full frame camera. Which is pretty cool!

The Huawei P30 pro 10x hybrid zoom

A hybrid zoom is somewhere between an optical and digital zoom. It’s not entirely a result of hardware lenses, as there is some software manipulation present. However, this zoom function on the Huawei P30 pro is a great combination of the two zoom-options.

The 10x hybrid zoom does not support RAW, which is a logical result of the zoom hybridization. Raw is a fully unprocessed filetype, so if you calculate in the digital zoom needed for the hybrid, this can never result into a RAW file.

However, that being said, the 10x zoom is the equivalent of a 270mm full frame camera lens. The end result of photographing with this lens is a photo with a resolution of 2736 by 3648 pixels.

The photo results are really cool. It is a lot of fun to zoom in on different subjects and get close to them. One of my favorites to play with is photographing pigeon’s in an urban environment.

Of course, you can also use this feature to make abstract photos of architecture, action shots of your friends doing several types of sports, or just nice photos of your kids playing.

This feature is one I will definitely use a lot!

The Huawei P30 pro 5x optical zoom

This zoom is optical, so you will be able to get a raw-file at the full frame equivalent of 125mm focal length. Although this might seem a bit tame after the 10x hybrid zoom I mentioned earlier, this is a solid feature no other smartphone has. Often you have plenty of zoom with the 5x zoom and a great result at 8 megapixels, which is more than enough for your use online.

In short about the Huawei P30 pro zoom

Overall I am amazed about the zoom capability of the Huawei P30 pro. The 5x zoom is great and I can only ask for a bigger sensor, but that’s just me as a megapixel maniac. The 10x hybrid zoom is a great way to get nice images of further away subjects. A functionality I will definitely use regularly. The 50x digital zoom is a function I am not a huge fan of as a ‘artistic’ photographer. However, for quick informative shots aimed at friends and family, it can be a great smartphone feature.

What is your opinion about the different zoom on the new Huawei smartphone? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I wrote this article while being a Huawei Brand Ambassador, though, I am not paid for this particular piece of content.

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