My September 2018 summarized in Smartphone photos (Huawei P20 pro + VSCO cam)

September isn’t completely over yet, but I felt like it was already time to recap it. I did plenty of things, visited new places, and did the things that I love. So let’s get into my summary of September 2018 in photos, all made with the Huawei P20 pro and VSCOcam.

Having a beer with friends

Surfine beer and nachos

This is an activity I did quite a lot this month… I was with my buddy Hamza at a local food truck market. We grabbed some beers and ordered a portion of nachos. Omnomnom. And, of course, we caught up with each other!

Ribs at de Gekroonde Hoofden in Gent

Ribs, beer, and my girlfriend. That’s all you need.

In Gent, I wanted to go for a big portion of ribs. So my girlfriend, foodie as she is, recommended we visit De Gekroonde Hoofden, famous for its all-you-can-eat Ribs.

I usually don’t make selfies…

Selfie with my girlfriend in Gent

But I did. With my girlfriend, I made a couple of selfies, like this one. Well, I actually made a couple of them this month. Looks like I’m expanding my photography skills in all directions!

Treat yourself moment!

Delicious donuts from Donutello

I can’t really remember why I “deserved” these donuts anymore, but I did…. I think.

Finding happiness at the beach

Happiness direction sign

With my family, I visited my brother in the Northern Netherlands for my little niece’s 4th birthday. After a lot of cake, we headed to the beach.

Stopping in Zaandam for a quick shot

The Inntel Hotels in Zaandam

A place I wanted to photograph for a long time and I finally got the chance to get there. The Inntel Hotels in Zaandam are one of those Instagram hotspots in the Netherlands. A lot of locals find it an ugly building, but nonetheless, It’s photogenic!

Strolling through my hometown

Antwerp: Boerentoren viewed from the Zuiderterras.

It seemed like ages since I went to the city center of my own hometown. I love the city here, I just need to make more time to visit it.

Guided tour at the Brewery

Duvel Moortgat brewery visit

For a job, I had to photograph a networking event. One of the activities I needed to photograph was this tour around the Duvel brewery. As a beer lover, this was a job I really loved doing.

A beer to end the day

Single Wide IPA by Boulevard Brewing co.

If I see a new beer, I need to try it. No excuses!

Another beer moment

Fons drinking at the Belgian Beer Weekend

With my buddy Fons, I went to Brussels and visited the Beer Weekend on the Grand Place. A festival with Belgian beers. Some well-known brewers and some smaller. An excellent place to discover our countries best product!

Lillo, the photogenic hotspot of Antwerp

The pier in Lillo

In a little village in the port of Antwerp, there is a nice view over the harbor and our nuclear power plant. I wanted to go to Lillo again for a couple of photos.

I also did some experimentation with light painting. You can read the blog post here: How to How to do light painting photography.

Eating Irish, drinking…

A glass of Guinness

If you are eating amazing burgers at an Irish pub, it’s only logical you also flush it down with some Irish beer. And what beer is more famous than Guinness?

Opening party of the Huawei Exhibition

Huawei exhibition at Wiels in Brussels

For the third time this year, Huawei launched an exhibition about smartphone photography. As one of their Belgian ambassadors, I was invited to the opening party and to watch the photos as one of the firsts. It’s an interesting exhibition about the life of musicians.

Helping my buddy Hamza move house

Not sponsored by Black  & Decker or Duvel, but hit me up!

My dear friend Hamza was moving to a new apartment. This obviously means moving all his stuff and constructing all the furniture. Good thing he has such good friends as me. I didn’t bring any tools, but I did bring the beers!

Going new places

A Minnie Mouse hairpiece

I’m lying, I did go to Disneyland already. But I can’t really remember much as I was still a little kid back then. With my girlfriend, I decided to go there and make new memories. We also attached a road trip to the entire experience.

Btw, the Minnie Mouse ears are hers, not mine!

Selfies and kisses

Kissing at Disneyland Paris

As a (new) couple should, we make selfies of ourselves. Again, I never was much of a selfie person, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Getting thrilled

The Disneyland castle

Okay, so it turns out I’m a big fan of the Hyperspace Mountain, It’s a Small World, Indiana Jones, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Crush’s Coaster, and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. I liked the Tower of Terror, but I’m never doing it again!

Sleeping in a Yurt

A yurt or Mongolian tent

In Arras I discovered a Yurt on Airbnb, as I’ve never slept in one, I decided now was a good time. It’s actually really comfortable! Watch out for spiders though…

Getting beers at a namesake

Comptoir de Fred in Arras

When I saw this one online when researching the city, I knew I had to visit it. It’s a beer shop with a wide arsenal of local beers. A must for every beer fanatic. Like myself!

Making a new friend

A little white kitty cat

When leaving Arras, this little one was curious to my car trunk. I let her go through it for a second. I even thought about closing the trunk and taking her home with me… but I’m not a catnapper.

So, this was my September 2018 through the lens of my Huawei P20 pro. What did you do this month? Let me know in the comments!

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