Places to experience adventure in the Wadden Sea Islands

The islands above The Netherlands are small, but they are filled with adventure. Each of the five islands has plenty of activities to do and adventures to have. For that reason, I decided to make this list of places to experience adventure in the Wadden Sea Islands.

Sailing the shallow seas

On the Tjalk the Iselmar it’s possible to experience the waters of the Wad Sea. There is plenty of room for big groups to be on the ship. There are beds for 60 persons. The captain loves to explain how to raise the sails, why they take certain routes in the sea, and how life is at sea.

You can find more information about the Iselmar on their website. You can find the ship in the harbor of Harlingen.

Surfing across the beaches

Wind in your hair, wind in the sails, a tight rope in your hands. All of that on land. It is possible! Land sailing is a thing. Well, beach sailing actually. It’s basically a small cart with a sail on it. It’s even easy to control.

Depending on the wind it goes pretty fast. It can also go pretty slow. But that’s up to mother nature. Anyway, the wind blows, you will have fun.

You can rent a beach sailing cart at Outdoor Centre Beach Ameland. As the name suggests, you can find this organization on Ameland.

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Eating what nature has to offer

Adventure isn’t always about speed or big ships. Sometimes it’s about searching and picking small plants in nature. Tasting the little flowers you find in fields or finding the organic cure for your hangover.

It becomes even better if a professional cook makes the lunch for you with the ingredients you pick. And that is what Flang in de pan is about. A delicious and natural meal.

You can have Flang cook something for you on the island of Terschelling.

Seal watching

In between the islands you can find loads of smaller islands and sandbanks. The ideal places for seals to get a breather from hunting fish and being overly cute. They gather together and lay about. It’s pretty much a beach resort for the seals.

And for humans, well, it’s the perfect place to spot them. You can see a lot of them!

Every island has its place for a seal safari.

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E-biking around all the islands

Another thing you can find on most of the Wad Sea islands is bike rental places. I suggest getting an e-bike. It makes life so much easier, especially if it’s a bit windy. On all the islands there are plenty of roads specifically for cyclists. Go out and explore the beautiful landscapes and nature.

Birdwatching in cozy huts

The Frisian islands are covered with bug chunks of nature reserves. The ideal place for bird watching. Some areas are protected during some periods, so make sure to always read the signs and respect the rules.

On Vlieland, in the Kroon’s Polders, you can find a couple of nice and comfortable birdwatching spots. It’s a place that looks out on one of the main resting ponds of the islands. So it’s almost guaranteed to see lots of birds.

You can find the Kroon’s Polders on Vlieland.

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Are you going on a Wad Sea island adventure? Or have you been already? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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