Photo overview: yachting with Nicols in the Netherlands

At the begin of this month, I had the luck to go on a boat/yacht for the weekend. Together with the people of Nicols and 3 other bloggers, I spend three days floating around the Netherlands, being the captain of my own boat.

In this article, I am showcasing the photos I made during the trip. More information about renting a boat for yourself will be online soon!

Life on the boat

In this section, you see the photos about living on a boat/yacht. Morning coffee, dinner, and of course the dishes.

Be your own captain

A couple of photos from us all taking turns controlling the boat. I must say, it’s easier than driving a car.

The boat itself

Ours had the capacity for 8 people. Everyone had their bed separated in 4 rooms, a shower, and a toilet per room. For more info, go to Boat Renting Nicols.

Side activities

When having a boat for a weekend, you are not doing everything on that boat…

Disclaimer: The trip inspiring this post was organized and funded by Glenaki for Nicols.

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