Paris street photography with the Huawei P20 pro (using the 3x zoom)

This week I was in Paris, France for the launch of the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 pro. After the event, I had the luck to try the P20 pro out. One of the features is the optical and hybrid zoom. The zoom creates jpg in 10 megapixels with great detail. Ideal for some street photography!

Huawei P20 pro street photography

It was a rainy day in Paris. So making those wide panoramic shots of the city wasn’t really an option. I really wanted to capture those with the 40-megapixel sensor. Since that wasn’t an option, I did a quick brainstorm. How could I test this amazing new smartphone-camera?

Suddenly I remembered I wanted to get into street photography for a long time. I always was to shy to actually try it. You punch into people’s lives for a second, and I was afraid of the conflict that might happen. Luckily, with the P20 pro, you can zoom into 3X and 5X. Perfect to make photos of unknowing strangers… man that sounds creepy!

Read more about my first day with the Huawei P20 pro.

Quick thoughts about the photos

These photos are all unedited, straight from the camera. One is made with the standard wide angle, two are made with the 3x optical zoom, and two more with the 5x hybrid zoom. Can you spot the differences?

These photos are all 10-megapixels. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the zoom function for the 40-megapixel RAWs. But considering the images that come out, it’s not that essential.

Quick street photography tips with the Huawei P20 pro

It’s hard to just walk around, and push your camera in someone’s face. So don’t do that. There are some ways to get great photo’s out on the street:

  • Pick a frame, and wait for a subject to walk into it. Like I did with the grandfather and his grandson.
  • Keep your camera on (or the app open), to take photos instantly when you see something happen.
  • Go to busy places, but not too busy. Like lesser known monuments or squares.
  • Embrace the crappy surrounding, your photos will never be perfect. Which is okay.

A quick portrait I made with the Huawei P20 pro

Meet @jonathan_sommereyns, here he’s holding the new #HuaweiP20Pro. I used one to make this photo aswell. It’s a cool new device with a heavy focus on photography. For example the selfiecam Jonathan is using has 24mp. Which is more than enough. I’ll be making a more in depth view on my blog soon. So make sure to keep an on there! – #HuaweiP20 Pro – Check out my latest blog post on (or click the link in my bio) – #ig_photooftheday #igshots #Huawei #LeicaCamera #mobilephotography #phonephotography #smartphonephotography #smartphones #portrait #portrait_ig #portraitart #portraitoftheday #portraitphotography #portraits #portraiture #globetrotter #ig_travel #instapassport #roamtheplanet #travelpics #travelporn

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Did you get into smartphone street photography already? What are your tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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