My 17 firsts of 2017

365 days, so much to do. In 2017 I decided to keep doing new things. I tried to not settle down for things I already knew and to take new paths. If I see the list, I’m kind of amazed at what I did. Without even setting any goals.

I did my best to categorize my achievements. Which wasn’t always that easy.


This one is the most unrelated to this website. But I still find it worth mentioning.

  • First time seeing Vitalic live: as a kid, I was a big fan of him. And I still am. I just never really saw him live before. It was time to make up for that.
  • First time seeing Kraftwerk live (8 times in a row): Who doesn’t know them. These electronica pioneers did a special show in my hometown. So I went to all eight of them. Each show was about another one of their albums.
  • First time seeing Stormzy live: The grime rapper of the moment. I could not let this one slide.

Career achievements:

  • First time seeing my name in movie credits at the theater: it was only in the “special thanks to” section. But still.
  • First time giving a smartphone photography workshop (and a second time, third time, …)
  • First time hanging my (smartphone)photos in a museum: Thanks to Huawei I was able to get some of my work to be displayed in the Bozar in Brussels. A very proud moment.
  • Started out as fulltime freelancer: Ah yes, fulltime photographer (and blogger).

Ways of travel:

  • First time traveling by freight-ship: I have a blogpost about why you should so too.
  • First time renting a car: and thanks to that was pretty easy.
  • First time driving a Land Rover: straight into the mud on the first drive.
  • First time driving a Volvo: When in Sweden… right?
  • First time going on a bike holiday: This was a special adventure. I’m thinking of a follow-up for 2018.

Odd ones:

  • First time broke something: A dumb accident, but we get smarter every day.
  • First time seeing Francorchamps races: I never went, but now I am happy I did. Although I don’t really crave for a second time.
  • First time seeing wild caribou: It’s just amazing!
  • First time camping in the wild: I was so nervous and scared. But I did it!
  • First time sleeping in a cabin: Nothing too special, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Been to

I have also been to a wide array of locations. In Belgium and beyond.

Stockholm, Vlaamse Ardennen, Valkenburg, Voeren, Rotterdam, Gent, Normandy, Gothenburg, Fredrikstad, Karlstad, Frankfurt

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