March 2019 overview in (smartphone)photos, travel, and beers

I have a hard time believing this year is already ¼ over. It’s really going all too fast! Anyhow, March was another month full of fun moments for me to remember. Let’s begin, shall we?

The month started with a photo shoot for some of my close friends. Their son was turning one year old and as with their daughter, it’s celebrated with a dab cake shoot.

Some more (product)shoots soon followed after that one. One of the photos even got featured in a larger economical newspaper in Belgium: De Tijd.


There was also some time spent with my girlfriend on several occasions. Drinking at Rock Circus in Ghent, eating tapas in Antwerp, having a sushi and cocktail evening with friends. All that jazz!

I did some DJing with my good friend Fons and we did our debut at an 80’s cocktail party. It’s safe to say we had a lot of fun doing this and are planning on continuing djing together!

Following those events I had a couple of meetings and shoots again for clients. Ate a fair amount of burgers, and did some more photo shoots.

Then it was time for me to give a presentation to my local photography club about why and how smartphone photography is a viable form of photography, even for professionals.

The day after I left for Paris with Huawei to attend the launch of their new Huawei P30 pro device. I already wrote some thoughts and articles about it.

Read the articles here:

Right before I jumped on the train back home, Stubru, a local radio-channel called me for an interview on one of their shows. They asked me questions about the use of smartphone photography, how good it has become and why I love giving workshops about it.

The end of the month was dedicated to getting content written for my blog, enjoying time with friends, and having some family over. A busy but very enjoyable month!

Travel overview:

  • Countries visited: Belgium and France
  • Cities visited: Antwerp, Ghent, and Paris
  • Flights: None
  • Highlight: Huawei P30 launch

Firsts in March 2019

  • Featuring in De Tijd
  • DJing as Dipp Souse
  • Talking for a photo club

Beers drank in March 2019

  1. Forest by Browar Nepomucen
  2. Tournée Antwerpen by Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie
  3. Anytime IPA by Meantime Brewing Company
  4. IPA by Lagunitas Brewing Company
  5. Hop& Liefde by Brouwerij de Molen
  6. Brugs Tarwebier by Brouwerij De Halve Maan
  7. Maritime Salted Caramel Porter by Marks & Spencer
  8. Yellowhammer by Black Isle Brewery
  9. Triporteur From Heaven by BOMBrewery
  10. Brown Ale by Jacobsen
  11. Arend Tripel by Brouweirj De Ryck
  12. London Pale Ale by Meantime Brewing Company
  13. Petra Mora Rubia by Pagoa Euskal Garagardoa
  14. Petra Mora Tostada by Pagoa Euskal Garagardoa
  15. India Pale Ale by La Bouledogue
  16. Femme Fatale by Brouwerij De Leite
  17. Tynt Meadow by Mount Saint Bernard Abbey
  18. Circus IPA by Societa Agricola Il Vigneto
  19. Blauw by Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste
  20. Sapporo Premium Beer by Sapporo Breweries
  21. San Miguel by Carlsberg UK

Notable Social Media posts

Articles on in March 2019

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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