How to do long exposure photography with your Huawei P30 pro smartphone

Long exposure photography is a great way to get a wide array of results in your photography. So why not give it a chance with your smartphone too? Let’s get into how to do that!

How to do long exposure photography with a Huawei smartphone


On most Android smartphones there is a ‘pro mode’ in the camera app. This allows you to take control of the shutter speed and ISO. If it’s darker you can easily set the ISO to the lowest number (usually 100 or 50) and pump up the shutter speed.

It’s best to use a tripod when using this camera feature. It’s almost impossible to stabilize the camera manually to prevent shake in your image.

Night mode

On Huawei devices, there is a ‘Night mode’ that allows you to make smooth exposures. It exposes for 6 seconds and combines several photos to create one with ideal lighting. A good feature for people that are city tripping and don’t like the dark to stop them from exploring. The smartphone camera stabilizes the shot, so you don’t even need a tripod for this!

Light painting mode

This mode on Huawei devices has 4 subcategories. If you are photographing during the day, it’s best to use the Silk Water option, as all the others will give you an overexposed result. All these features require a tripod though.

Silk water

This feature is meant to smoothen out water in waterfalls and fast flowing rivers. You can also use it to smoothen out other moving objects such as cars on a road or tourists in a busy place.

Light Painting

Get a flashlight, put your smartphone on a tripod and start light painting. Draw hearts, stars, or try to write your name. These functions can automatically flip your photos, so you don’t have to think about writing your name mirrored.

Light trails

This function is meant to make those photos where you see a trail of light move through the entire image. Usually, it’s a highway and the cars are making the light trails. This feature will let you expose for a longer time without getting overexposed. It combines photos for the entire exposure time to artificially combine the light trails to the perfect image.

Star trails

This one is for extreme long exposure photos. I’m talking +10 minutes long. At night when everything is dark, you can use this setting to let the stars make trails through your photo. How cool is that?

Which long exposure feature are you going to try for sure?

Disclaimer: I wrote this article while being a Huawei Brand Ambassador, though, I am not paid for this particular piece of content.

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