June 2019 in overview (Photos, my firsts, and more)

June was one of those months that was constantly busy for me. Helping clients, prepping for the summer, going on a trip with my girlfriend. Good thing I love doing all those things.

June 2019 in a nutshell:

  1. Did a lot of work for various clients
  2. Was a second shooter on a wedding
  3. Went to the Sinksenfoor in Antwerp
  4. Visited Berlin with Srprs.me
  5. And my mother threw a party for my dad’s, godson’s, and my birthday.

Photos of June 2019

  • Worldmap on my office wall
  • Tempelhof in Berlin by bike
  • Srprsme trip enveloppe
  • Sinkenfoor in Antwerp
  • Seminarie fotograaf in Antwerpen
  • Seminarie fotograaf Antwerpen
  • Selfie time at the Berliner Dom
  • Macro photography
  • Kitty kat
  • Ghent by a smartphone photographer
  • Food photography at Cocolo
  • Eating ice cream at Rosa Canina
  • Eating brunch at Roamers Berlin
  • Corporate dinner fotograaf in Brussel
  • Business fotograaf Brussel
  • Berliner Dom night time photo
  • Alexanderplatz

Adventures summary:

  • Where I’ve been: Berlin, Ghent, and Antwerp
  • Highlight: Berlin
  • Firsts this month: Cycling in Berlin and visiting the Sinksenfoor in Antwerp

What to look out for in June 2019

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