If you had all the money in the world, which place would you visit first?

So this blog post is pure fiction. I would love for this to happen, but it’s unlikely it actually ever will. At least not in one go as I am writing it down here. It never hurts to dream though. So if I ever win the lottery, this is the trip I would make.

Take the airplane to Argentina

As a first stop. There I would hop aboard a ship to Antartica. Witness the ice-caps myself, watch the penguins breed and do some whale-watching. I might make it to join the workshop Thomas Heaton is giving there next year.

I have already researched this trip once. So I know more or less how expensive it is. It’s ranging from 20.000 to 60.000 euros. Just to take the ship from Argentina to the immense and forgotten continent. If I want to go there, I would also have to pay for flights from Belgium to Argentina. Which don’t come cheap either.

Back to Argentina

When I come back to Argentina, I would start hiking north. Then I’d take a motorcycle. Probably a 4×4. Who knows. Anyway. I would love to see the stars from there. I’d take photos of the amazing and mountainous landscapes there.

Then on to Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Stopping at Machu Pichu, the ancient temples, go into the rainforests (of Brazil). Eventually ending up at the US border. If there is a wall by then, I’d try to climb it… or cross is legal.

While I’m there…

When I do get in the US, I would start tripping around the country with a Mustang. The aim would be to do all 50 states (which includes some flights to Hawaii and Alaska). Flying over the Grand Canyon, going through Yellowstone, and standing in front of the White House.

I don’t think all states are as interesting, but they all have something to offer. Right? Monuments, landscapes or just a moment to rest.

From Mustang to Kayak

I’d then arrive in Canada. A country so vast and full of nature I would love to kayak through (parts of) it. I’ve already visited a couple of the cities, so I would focus on nature and landscapes.

From there I’d go to Greenland and Iceland. To witness the other pole of our planet and to check out the black beaches.

I’d then go home for a month

Traveling is so much fun, but coming home is kind of essential for me. I like to have a place where I can go, and which is exactly as I like it. I can get comfortable at hotels, but only to a certain degree. Also, I have to tell my parents all about my travels. WhatsApp just isn’t their thing you know.

It also helps me to see my friends again and do some laundry and reparations.

Weirdness upon weirdness

Off to Madagascar, I go. Everything there is unique because of it’s desolate location. So this trip will be new things upon new things, covered in a sauce of weirdness. After a couple of weeks, I’d go back to the mainland and start driving north, again. I’d have a 4X4 with a tent on the roof. Going through South Africa all the way up to Morocco.

Through national parks to see wildlife, in desserts to witness the harshness and on rivers to see life blossom.

Another continent

Australia it is. I desperately would love to witness Uluru. But also the rest of the country should be worth my time. The Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, and the cities. When I’m there, I might as well go to New Zealand too.

Visiting Frodo in Hobbiton and experience the four seasons in one-day thing.

Back to nature

After this trip through more or less places with lots of people and hotels, I’d go back to camping and nature. Hiking through Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia. Seeing the Mount Everest, just because little Fred couldn’t believe they make mountains that high. Seeing the temples and experiencing the different cultures.

In Mongolia, I would love to see the horse festivals and treck around with a family in their yurts for a while.

Everything comes to an end

Even though money isn’t a problem, I’d still have to end this trip around the world somewhere. I would probably take trips to more places afterward, just not in one haul. The last stop would be Japan.

It’s a civilized country with lots of places to get some good rest. So perfect to end and get some sleep. But it’s also full of culture and things to see. Because you can’t just sleep 24/7, and after a trip like this… I’ll probably get bored easily. Japan is the cure for that.

Where would you go if resources weren’t a problem? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “If you had all the money in the world, which place would you visit first?”

  1. Ik zou als eerste een roadtrip door Scandinavië maken met een mobilhome. Gewoon genieten van de stilte en de ongerepte natuur en dat in combinatie met enkele citytrips.

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