The 10 commandments of a road trip

Going on a road trip is probably one of the most relaxing and fun things to do with friends. You’re all together discussing your lives, creating new memories, and taking some time to relax. However, while driving each person on the trip has their commandments of a road trip.

There are at least two rolls, usually three during most road trips. The driver, which is pretty essential, the co-pilot, and depending on how many people join you, a passenger. Each of those three has a specific set of tasks.

As a driver, thou shalt…

Let’s tackle the driver first. This is the person behind the wheel. Pretty obviously. During the trip, this can change. Especially with longer trips, it might be a good idea to mix it up a bit. That being said, if you are behind the wheel for one hour, half a day, or a full week, these are your commandments of a road trip:

First commandment: Be rested before you leave the house

Driving is an intensive task. You have to be well rested when hopping in your car. Have a good night sleep and be sure you are in an alert state. You will be driving for a long time, so you need as much energy as possible.

Second commandment: Give safety to passengers the total priority

Be sure to follow all traffic rules, don’t drive too fast and take regular breaks. All so you and your passenger have a safe trip. An accident will really bum you out. So be safe and have fun!

Third commandment: Find a scenic route

As a driver, you decide which route you take. The first day you probably have to do a lot of distance and follow a highway. But as soon as the actual trip starts, it’s your job to find interesting secondary roads. Plan a couple of stops at places where you can see or do something.

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As a co-pilot, thou shalt…

The co-driver is the person next to the driver. If you’re on a trip with just you two, then you are automatically co-pilot if you’re not the one driving. Easy as that.

Fourth commandment: Help the driver open his drinks

The driver needs to have two on the wheel, so you are in charge to open their bottles of drinks and unwrap their food. It might not seem super essential, but it’s still an important point of the commandments of a road trip.

Fifth commandment: Play the best music for everyone to enjoy

You have access to the radio, aux, or Bluetooth. Make sure to play music everyone likes. A bit of background music for when you’re having talks, a couple of sing-a-longs, and a couple of bass-heavy tunes.

Sixth commandment: Keep an eye on the route and potential extra stops

Like the driver, you keep an eye on the road. Don’t interfere with the driving and suggest maneuvers, but keep an eye around things next to the road. Signs indicating an interesting stop, toilets for when you need to go, or food.

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As a passenger, thou shalt…

If you’re not in one of the two front seats, you are definitely the passenger. You’re not essential for the driving, but you have a couple of very important tasks too!

Seventh commandment: Hand drinks and food to the front of the car

Changes are that the snacks and drinks are stored in the back. In that case, you are the only one that can access them. So, you have to make sure they get their snacks if they ask for it.

Feel free to eat as much as you want too. The backseat is your smorgasbord! (This should also be one of the commandments of a road trip)

Eighth commandment: Stay out of the rear-view mirror

If you have driven before, you will know this is annoying for the driver. Unless it’s really necessary, you better avoid sitting in the center seat. The best place to sit, is probably behind the driver because you will be able to easily make eye-contact with the co-pilot.

Ninth commandment: Research the extra information coming up during the trip

Sometimes something comes up. Will that shop be open that late? Where can we go for a last-minute swim? The driver can’t research while driving, the co-pilot is busy doing other things, so it’s up to you. Take out your smartphone and search for the needed information.

As a group, thou shalt… the tenth and last of the commandments of a Road Trip

Make frequent stops at places that look fun and interesting. It’s time for you and your friends to see new things and make new memories. Have a great road trip!

What commandment would you like to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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