5 essentials before you go on your next road trip

Going roadtripping is an amazing idea in the summer. Take your car, a couple of friends and go out. Bring a tent, book some hostels, or don’t plan anything and just figure it out as you go. But anyway, before you leave, do these 5 things to make sure you can enjoy your time on the road.

1. Do you have loads of music, and one song in particular?

This one might seem silly. You can listen to the radio, right? Well yes, but you are going to be in the car an awful lot. So you might get bored after they play that one hit for the 7th time before you even had lunch.

I also discovered there is one thing that always will get the mood up: Bring one single that you can play in between other albums. This will become the soundtrack of your road trip and will bring you back to the awesome times when you hear it later on. Look at it like the ‘500 miles’ song in How I Met You Mother.

2. Have you packed enough bottled drinks and snacks?

Unless you want to have a stop regularly, you should bring some water, soda and snacks. This will also help you cut costs. Gasstations and small shops often sell the same products for a higher price. So go to the store before you leave and bring those snacks.

Extra tip: do not bring anything with chocolate. It will melt. You will be sad. You will be sticky.

3. Did you remember to bring cash money in coins?

If you are driving through a region with a lot of tolls, like France, bring some coins. It will help you pay at the vending machines in case your bankcard decides to give up, or the company blocks the card because of ‘unusual expenses’.

4. Have you made sure your car is well maintained?

This one is a no brainer. It probably isn’t even an issue. But see if all liquids are filled up, if you have a spare-tire and if everything that should be there is there. Like jumper-cables or one of those triangles you put behind your car when you are in trouble.

5. Can you pack everything in a comfortable way?

It’s no fun if you have to sit in the back of the car with a backpack on your lap and a coolbox at your feet. Make sure that everyone can bring their stuff and still sit comfortable. Use those skills you have gained playing Tetris! If you really are bringing a lot of stuff, think about renting (or buying) a trailer. A comfortable ride is a fun ride.

What things do you do and bring on a road trip? Let me know in the comments!

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