The Road Trip Spotify playlist for summer 2019

A road trip needs a couple of things. A car, of course. The people you love. But most importantly, a great playlist to soundtrack your trip.

As I have a couple of road trips on my planning soon, I thought about creating a Spotify playlist already.

And if I have one, why not just share it with you?

What’s in the Road Trip 2019 playlist?

I did my best to make a mix of all genres. The music my friends and I can all enjoy. So for once, I stayed away from obscure House and Disco cuts, pounding techno, and Icelandic rap.

In this playlist

  • I collected a mix of Classics: ABBA, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, …
  • I collected a mix of Hip-hop: Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Soulja Boy, …
  • I collected a mix of Rock: Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, …
  • I collected a mix of R&B: Destiny’s Child, Sean Paul, Drake, …
  • I collected a mix of Electronic: Daft Punk, Moby, Caribou, …
  • I collected a mix of Pop: Taylor Swift, Arianne Grande, Lady Gaga, …
  • I collected a mix of Sing-a-long: Adele, Outkast, Bruno Mars, …

Make sure to hit shuffle when starting this playlist!

Some extra tips to enjoy this Road Trip Spotify playlist

  1. Play the music as soft or loud as you want. Don’t blast it all the time.
  2. Leave room for silence too.
  3. Focus on the road, this is the most essential part of your trip.
  4. Try to take scenic routes in variation to the highways.
  5. Read the 10 commandments for a road trip.
  6. Bring some cash money for possible toll-booths.
  7. Bring snacks and drinks from home. Don’t buy them at gas stations.
  8. Check your car on any damages before departing.
  9. Use these hashtags on your Instagram during the road trip

Disclaimer: There is none, I just really wanted to write this piece of content for you. <3

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