All about my first time roadtripping with

Leaving the house and not knowing where you’re going is so relaxing and liberating. It’s great to just go out and walk, bike or drive wherever. For a longer trip or a trip abroad, you can count on

What is

Basically, it’s a travel agency. On their website, they have plenty of packages to choose from: You pick a package that fits you the most, you book, and voila. Done!

After that, a dedicated agent will get in touch with you. They will ask questions about your requirements and then he or she decides where you are going. scratchcard

How does work?

  • Step one: is deciding what kind of trip you want to do. A casual city trip? Or perhaps a road trip? Maybe even backpacking?
  • Step two: fill in your personal information and preferences. Keep them wide. For example: “Don’t book to Stockholm or Berlin as I’ve been there recently.”
  • Step three: get in touch with your travel agent. They will provide you with all the information you need.
  • Step four: wait until a week before you leave. A nice scratch postcard will fall in your mailbox.
  • Step five: follow the instructions on the paper.
  • Step six: On the day of departure you scratch the personal code away and fill it in on the website to reveal your destination.
  • Step seven: Enjoy your surprise adventure.

So, how does organize a road trip?

I recently went on a road trip with them. This means you leave at your own house with your own car to a destination you don’t know. So how do they keep this a surprise? Well, you unlock your destination in three steps.

  • Step 1: Scratch open the postcard and fill in the unique code on their website. This will tell you the direction you need to go. In my case, it was from Antwerp (BE) to Wijchen (NL).
  • Step 2: When you arrive at your stopover, you scratch the part on the roadmap. This tells you the city/region you’re staying at. In my case, it was the Barchem (NL)
  • Step 3: At that stopover, you open a black envelope. In that envelope, you find the information about your hotel. Go and check-in
  • Step 4: Explore the region from your hotel. Or repeat previous steps when you do a long road trip.

desSo go to and find out what it is right now destination reveal

Other packages

  • Pick a side: You do a city trip and get to choose in which side of Europe. North, south, west, or east? The price changes per region, as the local prices differ
  • City tripping: A random city for a couple of days. If it really doesn’t matter where you go. I tried this one and went to Prague.
  • Broke: A cheap city trip in a hostel. For if you don’t want to spend big money.
  • Road tripping: Well yeah, a destination that is not too far, but still amazing to discover. All by car. I tried this one and went to Gelderland.
  • Solo together: You go on a trip by yourself, with other travelers. Discover a new city and make new friendships.
  • Multi-city: Try different cities in one go. Ideal for the quick traveler that likes to try a lot of different tastes. I tried this one and went to Lisbon, to Dublin, to Rome.
  • Backpacking: They give you point A and point B. And you can figure out the adventures on yourself.
  • Monthly theme: Well, this changes every month. So go to and find out what it is right now!

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