How to nail your Instagram sunset photos every time

Once every so often there is an amazing sunset in your area and your Instagram is filled with all that glowy goodness. So how do you compete with all these photos? You are all looking at the same sunset, right? Well, there are a couple of tips I can give you to get an awesome sunset photo. Read more

48 hours in the Wandel Walhalla with Land Rovers and Alpaca’s

As you might know by now: I love walking around. Usually it’s my preferred way to get around in a city and to just get lost in nature. So when I was able to get to the Vlaamse Ardennen, aka Wandel Walhalla, for the second time. I didn’t think twice to accept the invitation. Read more

The ultimate checklist for your city trip luggage

Going on a city trip is so much fun, but packing always seems challenging. Do I have everything? Why isn’t it all going in my suitcase or bag? Do I really need that much underwear?

Because I struggle with those questions myself, I made a list of how I pack my luggage for a city trip. This means this should all fit in a small suitcase and rucksack you can take in the cabin. That is why some things might not seem optimal, like a towel every two days instead of every day, but sometimes you have to choose.

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