7 simple things to keep yourself busy during your flight

I’m not the biggest fan of flying. It’s not that I am scared, it’s just a waste of time in my opinion. So I need to find several ways to keep myself busy. In this post, I share those ways!

First of all, I hate flying but love hanging out at airports. I don’t know why I just enjoy watching people go around the building and embarking on their adventures.

But back to the blogpost!

Play video games

Put some apps on your smartphone. Make sure to download a couple of them, as you will get bored of one after a while. Some of my favorites are Tempel Run, that one game where you need to spread disease all over the world, and 2048 in all its different forms.

Discover even more games you can play offline.

Read a book or magazine

Bring a good book or some magazines with you. Even better is a kindle with several books on it. It’s a great way to finally read that one book you wanted to finish.

Watch episodes or movies on Netflix

I was hyped when they introduced the offline mode. It’s so good! You can download your favorite series or movies to your phone. The best thing is: it will sync when you go back online. So that easy watchlist management!

Listen to music

Another app that allows you to download content is Spotify. Compile a nice playlist, put on your noise-canceling headphone, and close your eyes. Heaven!


Talking of closed eyes. Just try to catch some sleep. At least if you are one of those that are lucky enough to be able to. Sleeping in an airplane is an art form I haven’t been able to master yet. So give your tips and tricks in the comments. 😉

Write blog posts (on your phone or laptop)

It’s what I am doing. Just take out the notes app and start writing. It’s also a good idea to just make a list of what you want to do, or what you did. Depending on the direction you are flying.

Edit the photos you made during your trip

If it’s already that sad moment of flying back home, you can make the trip that tad bit longer. Just open your editing app and start working on those photos you made the past days or weeks.

What do you do while on the airplane? Let me know!

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